The Binge Movement: 20 Things College Students are Currently Obsessing Over & Addicted To

The binge list includes sneakers, Age of Empires, Vine and the Baltimore Ravens.

Texas Student Goes Viral for Video Featuring Him Staring at People

The video is called “Stare of the Gator.” Now boasting more than 160,000 hits, the mini-viral phenomenon premiered earlier this month on YouTube. It features a University of Texas at Austin freshman nicknamed “Gator” staring creepily at other students “as they try to figure out what he is doing.”

Racist Video by University of Minnesota Duluth Student, Alum Prompts Email Alert, Apologies

A shockingly racist video featuring two young women– one a recent alumna and the other a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth– prompted UMD officials to send a school-wide email alert expressing their horror at its creation, posting, and spread. In the roughly five-minute video, the women wear blackface and talk over each other– making derogatory comments and playing off the worst stereotypes connected to minorities. They repeatedly refer to themselves as n-ggers, “claiming to be from the ‘black hood,’ needing some ‘fried (expletive deleted) chicken’, and likening themselves to looking ‘like apes right now.'”

Student Viral Video ‘Ruff Dog Day’ Sports 1.4 Million YouTube Views, Started as Class Assignment

The latest viral video began as a class assignment. For a course called Celebrity Culture at the University of Texas at Austin, students were recently charged with producing content possessing the potential to blow up online. As The Daily Texan reports, UT senior Charli Kilpatrick joined a quintet of students in the class in the making of a video featuring Dudley, her chocolate Labrador.

Funny Journalism Video: Reporter Freaks Out Over Snake

Video Title: “Snake Scares News Reporter” Description: “[G]uy on the news is scared of a lizzard and does a little wtf moment with a nervous weirdo laugh afterward. BE AFRAID!”

Funny Journalism Video: Old Newspaper Loons

This occasional CMM series shares funny viral vids related in some way to journalism and media. To nominate a video, send along a link and any needed context to me at Video Title: “How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?”

Year in Review: Most Viral Student Media of 2011, Part 1

Strippers. Shootings. The Oscars. Osama bin Laden. One-night stands. Natural disasters. Asians in the library. And skinny jeans. These are a few of the most prominent buzzwords at the center of the student news stories, columns, online creations, and video rants that went viral in a major way over the past year.

UCLA Student’s ‘Anti-Asian Rant’ After Tsunami Goes Viral

A student’s odd, impassioned “anti-Asian rant” filmed and uploaded onto YouTube in the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami has gone viral and caused huge headaches for the University of California, Los Angeles.

Daily Cal Blog Gives Its Two Cents- Whether You Like It or Not

It is everything a student-driven blog should be: informative, snarky, irreverent, relevant, and frequently updated. It is The Daily Clog, a blog run by a half-dozen student staffers at The Daily Californian at UC-Berkeley. As the about page notes, “We focus on the UC campus, the city of Berkeley and Berkeley’s online community. We give […]

Columbia J-Students Get Exclusive Access to Obama Rally

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos that Columbia College Chicago j-students captured during Obama’s already-historic Grant Park Election Night rally.  Undergrads working with Columbia’s student newspaper and student radio station were the only college student media granted official access to the day-and-night event, which the student paper called “Obamapalooza”     Only two videos are featured on the site.  […]