Weber State Professor Explores Role of Homesickness in American History

As students recently returned to campuses for the start of spring semester, there is one especially nagging feeling many brought with them: homesickness. Whether it’s missing family, pets, friends or the comfort of the familiar, the notion of homesickness is undoubtedly as embedded within higher education as Spring Break and Saturday football. In her new book, Homesickness: An American History, Weber State University distinguished history professor Susan Matt traces the evolution of this longing sentiment from America’s earliest days.

College Sports, Student Journalism, and School Spirit

The campus press and the campus athletics program have long co-existed at the epicenter of student life at schools worldwide.  Think about it: What other two entities on a typical campus bring students together as passionately and as regularly, entertains them or informs them quite as well, and creates a collective college experience that goes […]

Football, an Arrest, and College Media Excellence

Wide receiver and return specialist Bryant Eteuati played in a game for Weber State University’s football team last Saturday.  His return to the field marked the end of a journalistic drama that started about a month before, immediately after his arrest on outstanding warrants for aggravated assault that he’d accrued for hitting people with his car.   […]