Racist Video by University of Minnesota Duluth Student, Alum Prompts Email Alert, Apologies

A shockingly racist video featuring two young women– one a recent alumna and the other a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth– prompted UMD officials to send a school-wide email alert expressing their horror at its creation, posting, …

Milking: Latest Student Viral Video Craze is ‘Legen-dairy’

A new online craze is quickly gathering oodles of fat-free, skim, 1 percent, and unpasteurized buzz throughout Britain.  A small posse of UK college students and young graduates recently premiered an activity– dubbed milking– with a video round-up “…

Funny Journalism Video: Reporter Freaks Out Over Snake

This occasional CMM series shares funny viral vids related in some way to journalism and media.  To nominate a video, send along a link and any needed explanations to dreimold@gmail.com.

Video Title: “Snake Scares News