Year in Review: Most Viral Student Media of 2012, Part 1

Allegations of Ivy League hazing. Alice in Wonderland on LSD. A Biblical studies professor busted in a child predator sting. A student squirrel whisperer. A 280-pound black bear falling from a tree. And something called milking. These buzzwords and teaser descriptions factor into a few of the many viral creations published or posted by college media over the past year. The student press was responsible for an especially high number of viral reports, columns, videos, photos, headlines, and tweets in 2012. Collectively, their moments in the digital spotlight offer a fascinating foundation for a student press year in review– a glimpse at what was especially popular, controversial, funny, unexpected, and out of control. In that spirit, here is a chronological rundown of top college media moments and content that blew up online in 2012.

50 Best Journalism Schools and Programs at U.S. Colleges & Universities

A list of 50 undergraduate journalism programs I consider to be the best in the U.S.

Year in Review: Most Viral Student Media of 2011, Part 1

Strippers. Shootings. The Oscars. Osama bin Laden. One-night stands. Natural disasters. Asians in the library. And skinny jeans. These are a few of the most prominent buzzwords at the center of the student news stories, columns, online creations, and video rants that went viral in a major way over the past year.

Missourian Memes Offer J-Student Complaints ‘in a Humorous Yet Charming Way’

It is Mizzou meme mania. Columbia Missourian staffers at the University of Missouri recently provided an overflow of word-image combos aimed at capturing the backstage stresses and excitement of the student press experience. As the greatest blog in all the land J-School Buzz confirmed, “[T]hey are shining light on particular events that reporters feel obligated to complain about in a humorous, yet charming way. Not only are they very endearing, but rumor has it that [Mizzou] J-Schoolers are very intrigued and even addicted to these amusing little memes.”

Student Journalist’s Resume Goes Viral, Changes the World

On Friday, J-School Buzz posted a screenshot of Spurlock’s work on its own site and The Huffington Post with the header, “Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever?” The post quickly went viral with a virility that would make Antoine Dodson and that David After Dentist kid blush.

15 Newspapers That Belong on Princeton Review ‘Best’ List

The Princeton Review has released its annual listing of the biggest and best at colleges and universities nationwide. Along with rundowns of the top party schools, school athletic facilities, and student radio stations, the Review has named the best U.S. college newspapers.

Missourian to Continue In Print, Drop Two Editions

The Saturday and Monday editions of The Columbia Missourian are being dropped to help reduce the newspaper’s heavy operating budget deficit, but the newspaper will continue in print. (A brief write-up and related podcast can be found here.) ———— The start of an open letter to readers from the paper’s exec ed: ———— The Columbia […]

Obama-mania Hits College Press!

One consequence of America’s historic election: The public has been gobbling up newspapers like collectors’ items.  CNN reported that post-election print newspaper editions nationwide sold out uber-fast, prompting some papers to even restart their presses(!).   College print newspapers also witnessed emptier-than-usual newsstands and stacks.  For example, the EIC of The Maneater at the University of […]