Arizona Daily Wildcat Drops ‘Illegal Immigrant’ in Favor of ‘Undocumented’

The Arizona Daily Wildcat will no longer use the term “illegal immigrant” in its news copy when referring to those who are living in this country in violation of the law. Instead, individuals who fit the description will be termed “undocumented.”

50 Best Journalism Schools and Programs at U.S. Colleges & Universities

A list of 50 undergraduate journalism programs I consider to be the best in the U.S.

Collegiate Readership Program: Competition or Complement to Student Media?

The controversial Collegiate Readership Program recently debuted at the University of Arizona, causing concerns among the leadership of The Daily Wildcat, the school’s student newspaper.  The barebones gist: The UA students union is paying for a few thousand copies of USA Today and The Arizona Star to be available free to students across campus.  The […]

Obama Mania in College Media: A 2008 Election Recap

Since its launch, the most-viewed posts on this little blog of mine have been those with the words ‘sex’ or ‘Obama’ in the headline.  Am I attempting to exploit the blogosphere’s fascination with the latter here?  Absolutely.  (Happy Thanksgiving!)   A brief rundown of college media’s Obama-mania on and around Election Day 2008:   An Associated […]

Obama Cartoon in Daily Wildcat Called ‘Racist, Offensive’

Charges of racism have been levied against The Arizona Daily Wildcat at the University of Arizona after the paper ran a political cartoon in its Wednesday issue that included the N-word. The syndicated cartoon, headlined in part “Stories from the Campaign Trail,” recounted an actual recent event in which a Pennsylvania couple told a canvasser they intended to vote for “the n—–” for president, in respect to their apparent support for Barack Obama. A screenshot of the cartoon is below, with the offending word in two bottom panels blurred.