Best College Newspapers: 2014 Ranking Released by Princeton Review

The Yale Daily News, The Daily Orange & The Cornell Daily Sun are the top three student pubs.

UCLA’s Daily Bruin Reverses Course, Decides to Run ‘Womyn’ Letter

In the end, womyn won out. The Daily Bruin at UCLA ultimately decided to run a recent letter to the editor containing the word “womyn”– a feminist variation of “women.” Its publication represented a reversal of the editorial team’s initial decision, one the paper’s editor-in-chief now confirms was a mistake.

Miami Hurricane Defends Controversial Pieces Perceived as Promoting Adderall, Other Study Drugs

Controversy recently ensnarled The Miami Hurricane at the University of Miami for its publication of a “special Adderall report” that included a column and staff editorial seen by some as promoting the popular “study drug” and others like it.

Officials Limit Student Press Reporting on College Football Practices, Player Injuries

School and team officials are increasingly ordering the student and professional press to refrain from reporting on college football player injuries via observations made or information obtained during team practices. As a respected adviser at an A-list student newspaper shared yesterday on a popular college media list-serv, “My sports editor just told me that our football beat reporter was approached at practice by the team’s sports info guy and ‘informed’ that the DTH was not to report on players’ injuries anymore. As in, we see a guy walking around in a cast, we can’t report that. If we do, the football coach will freeze the paper out of mid-week availability. Which is completely ludicrous, of course.” Ludicrous, but not unprecedented.

Four Student Newspaper Web Redesigns: Before and After Screenshots

The Daily Bruin is updating its web look. The UCLA student newspaper is currently providing readers with a sneak peek at its upcoming digital overhaul. It is one of several high-profile online redesigns over the past semester or so within collegemediatopia. Along with the Bruin, below are a few that immediately come to mind– before and after screenshots.

Year in Review: Most Viral Student Media of 2011, Part 1

Strippers. Shootings. The Oscars. Osama bin Laden. One-night stands. Natural disasters. Asians in the library. And skinny jeans. These are a few of the most prominent buzzwords at the center of the student news stories, columns, online creations, and video rants that went viral in a major way over the past year.

UCLA Student’s ‘Anti-Asian Rant’ After Tsunami Goes Viral

A student’s odd, impassioned “anti-Asian rant” filmed and uploaded onto YouTube in the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami has gone viral and caused huge headaches for the University of California, Los Angeles.

J-Students: The Social Media ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’

UCLA Daily Bruin EIC Anthony Pesce was disappointed at the lack of practical advice and support provided by speakers, overseers, and his j-student peers at the 2008 ACP/CMA national conference (basically *the* annual get-together of U.S. j-students and the people who love them).    In a post for the MediaShift Idea Lab group blog, he […]

Daily Bruin First College Paper to Endorse Obama

According to UWire, The Daily Bruin at UCLA is the first U.S. college newspaper to support Barack Obama’s presidential bid in the general election, a selection that editors write was obvious:   [R]eally, was there any other rational choice? . . . The last thing we need is a maverick like Gov. Palin swapping hockey-mom tales […]