Year in Review: Most Viral Student Media of 2012, Part 2

Allegations of Ivy League hazing. Alice in Wonderland on LSD. A Biblical studies professor busted in a child predator sting. A student squirrel whisperer. A 280-pound black bear falling from a tree. And something called milking. These buzzwords and teaser descriptions factor into a few of the many viral creations published or posted by college media over the past year. The student press was responsible for an especially high number of viral reports, columns, videos, photos, headlines, and tweets in 2012. Here is part 2 of a chronological rundown of top college media moments and content that blew up online in 2012.

Milking: Latest Student Viral Video Craze is ‘Legen-dairy’

A new online craze is quickly gathering oodles of fat-free, skim, 1 percent, and unpasteurized buzz throughout Britain. A small posse of UK college students and young graduates recently premiered an activity– dubbed milking– with a video round-up “destined to become an Internet sensation.” It is spurring press coverage and plans for copycat vids produced by students across Britain and Scotland. As The Tab at Britain’s Leeds University explains, “Similar in difficulty to its viral cousin planking, milking simply requires the participant to purchase some milk and then pour it over their head. The result is a thing of beauty.” A comment beneath the video confirms, “This is legen…dairy.”

Cambridge Paper Asks Readers to Rate Students’ Butts for ‘Rear of the Year’ Contests

An online student newspaper at Cambridge University is courting controversy for staging a pair of contests asking readers to select the “Rear of the Year.” In separate photo breakdowns, The Tab presents a small group of male and female Cambridge students with their butts facing the camera– fully or partially exposed or clearly outlined by […]