Texas Student Goes Viral for Video Featuring Him Staring at People

The video is called “Stare of the Gator.”  Now boasting more than 160,000 hits, the mini-viral phenomenon premiered earlier this month on YouTube.  It features a University of Texas at Austin freshman nicknamed “Gator” staring creepily at other students “as …

10 Things I’ve Learned About College Students, Campus Life

Nerdfighters. Hipsters. Speedy seniors. Dropouts. Superfans. Slackliners. Drunkorexics. Tanorexics. Adderall addicts. Longboarders. Sleep texters. Thrifters. Illegall downloaders. And one very bold halftime streaker.

Over the past 18 months or so, for my Campus Beat column on USA …

Student Viral Video ‘Ruff Dog Day’ Sports 1.4 Million YouTube Views, Started as Class Assignment

The latest viral video began as a class assignment.  For a course called Celebrity Culture at the University of Texas at Austin, students were recently charged with producing content possessing the potential to blow up online.