Best College Newspapers: 2014 Ranking Released by Princeton Review

The Yale Daily News, The Daily Orange & The Cornell Daily Sun are the top three student pubs.

UCLA’s Daily Bruin Reverses Course, Decides to Run ‘Womyn’ Letter

In the end, womyn won out. The Daily Bruin at UCLA ultimately decided to run a recent letter to the editor containing the word “womyn”– a feminist variation of “women.” Its publication represented a reversal of the editorial team’s initial decision, one the paper’s editor-in-chief now confirms was a mistake.

Daily Bruin First College Paper to Endorse Obama

According to UWire, The Daily Bruin at UCLA is the first U.S. college newspaper to support Barack Obama’s presidential bid in the general election, a selection that editors write¬†was obvious: ¬† [R]eally, was there any other rational choice? . . . The last thing we need is a maverick like Gov. Palin swapping hockey-mom tales […]