Dan Rant: The University of Oklahoma Blacklist & Student Press Censorship

A leading talent agency is declaring war on the student press and good journalism everywhere.

500 Copies of Signal Student Paper Stolen at Georgia State– Photo of Thieves!

On Tuesday, multiple thieves swiped nearly 500 copies of The Signal at Georgia State University. According to a Signal tweet a half hour ago, they grabbed the copies from newsstands near the campus bookstore. Security video footage captures at least three alleged thieves– all male, seemingly student age– in full-color, high-resolution, brazenly carrying Signal stacks away.

Stony Brook Student Magazine’s Funny Football Tweets Lead to Censorship Threat

Late last month, athletics officials at Stony Brook University threatened the press credentials of a student magazine in response to a staffer’s comedic live-tweeting of a football game. It is one of the stranger student press censorship cases I have come across.

Fresh Orange: Syracuse University Student Newspaper Sports Redesigned Website

The Daily Orange is at last in control of its own online destiny. At the start of fall semester, the Syracuse University student newspaper unveiled a website free from “the order imposed by College Publisher . . . their CMS, ad network, and host.”

Bryan College President Apologizes to Those ‘Upset or Offended’ by Student Press Censorship

In a public statement issued yesterday afternoon, the president of Bryan College confirms his spiking of a student journalist’s story late last week “may have been a mistake.” Livesay’s explanatory statement, posted on JimRomenesko.com, offers an apology of sorts– not for the censorious action itself but to those who may have been “upset or offended” by it. It also provides a refreshingly candid, if off-base, account of the school’s rationale for the decision.

Philadelphia Inquirer Copy Desk Chief: Students Live on Campus, Not Online Universe

This is a guest post written by David Sullivan, an assistant managing editor and the copy desk chief at The Philadelphia Inquirer, where I worked briefly while earning my journalism master’s degree at Temple University. He is weighing in with a few thoughts related to the recent exchange between Steve Buttry and I regarding the advantages and challenges embedded within student press innovation efforts.

College Media Podcast #5: USA TODAY Redesign & the American University Breastfeeding Controversy

In our most recent episode, recorded Friday afternoon, we started with a breakdown of the high-profile USA TODAY redesign (including its new balls) and segued to a discussion about a similarly buzzworthy flap at American University involving classroom breastfeeding and some quality student newspaper reporting.

Censorship, Curse Words, and a Dodgeball Championship: Student Press Trouble at Pacific Lutheran University

Late last week, administrators at Washington’s Pacific Lutheran University briefly shut down the website of The Mooring Mast student newspaper due to an intramural dodgeball story containing some curse words.

Princeton Review Best College Newspapers: 2011 List

The latest rankings report listing the country’s “Best College Newspapers” has been released by Princeton Review. The 20 student newspapers below were rated tops in the U.S. via a national surveying of undergraduate students.

College News Network: The New UWIRE?

It is the story of the student press so far in fall 2009: UWIRE’s vanishing act.  It happened without warning- and lots of questions remain.  What happened (and is happening) behind the scenes?  Is its MIA status temporary or long-term?  What does it mean for oft-shared-never-shy student press content previously featured and available for poaching on […]

College Media Year in Review, 2008-2009

“On a Sunday evening in early February, Daily Tar Heel staffers at the University of North Carolina were dealing with the usual stresses of a looming print deadline. And then the bomb dropped. Or at least the threat of one, which forced the evacuation of a few campus buildings, including the student union that houses the […]

Story Idea: Student Newspaper Presents Editorial as Facebook News Feed

It is Student Life day here at CMM! I am not talking about undergraduates’ beyond-class campus experiences, but the scrappy student newspaper at Washington University in St. Louis.  The pub is currently soaking in the national spotlight for its fantastic coverage of a major event (more on that in a moment). — But on a […]

Open Letter to Newseum: Put Student Press on Display!

Dear Newseum, — On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I had pleasure of stopping by your museum of news for a visit.  Two words: Loved it.  Two more words: a lot.  The exhibits are interactive.  A ton of stuff featured is impressively up to date (literally, Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing was playing on the big […]

Student Press Web Reinventions Continue with Siskiyou Site

A brand new Siskiyou is coming to a world wide web near you this fall, courtesy of a student journalist brave enough to act upon her recognition that the time for change had come. — As The Mail Tribune recently reported, the digital edition of The Siskiyou student newspaper at Southern Oregon University will soon […]

UWIRE 100: Honoring College Media Cream of the Crop

99 + 1.  1,000 – 900.  10 x 10.   300 / 3.  Any way you add, subtract, multiply or divide it, the answer is the same: 100.  It is fast becoming the most famous number in collegemediatopia, especially when attached to UWIRE, an evermore iconic brand name.   — The 2009 edition of the […]