University of Tulsa Threatens Student Newspaper for Its Report on Facebook Harassment Case

Officials say documents related to the case are confidential and sharing them violates school rules.

Florida A&M Student Newspaper Delayed From Publishing & Staff Ordered to Reapply for Positions

Staffers at The Famuan, the student newspaper at Florida A&M University, will not publish their first issue of spring semester early next week as planned. Instead, on administrative orders, editorial operations at the paper have been delayed until the end of the month. The adviser of the paper at the Tallahassee school has also been removed. And Famuan staff have been told they all must reapply for their positions and “undergo training in media law and ethics . . . [and] more general journalism principles.”

140 Days Later, Georgia College Paper Celebrates (Partial) Press Victory

It took more than four months and a fair bit of squabbling, but The Collegian at Georgia Perimeter College has finally begun receiving a set of records its staffers first requested from the school’s overseeing body in late July. Schick: “So far, we just have a partial amount of the total request, since they were told by our lawyer to release us information on a rolling basis. But I’d say we can definitely mark this one as a win for the college journalist.”

Student Newspaper’s $16 Million Investigation Hits $3,000 Wall

David Schick spent months on a $16 million story– before hitting a nearly $3,000 wall. In Schick’s words, “The wall took the form of exorbitant Open Records Act costs.” Since late last spring semester, the editor-in-chief of The Collegian has been investigating a $16 million budget deficit at Georgia Perimeter College and the accompanying controversial removal of the school president. Over the summer, a new number entered– and has continued to partially hold up– Schick’s investigation: $2,963.39. GPC administrators initially charged the Collegian that amount to fulfill a standard open records request for documents related to the budget turmoil.

Stony Brook Student Magazine’s Funny Football Tweets Lead to Censorship Threat

Late last month, athletics officials at Stony Brook University threatened the press credentials of a student magazine in response to a staffer’s comedic live-tweeting of a football game. It is one of the stranger student press censorship cases I have come across.

Memphis President Orders Investigation Into Helmsman Newspaper Funding Cut

University of Memphis president Shirley Raines has called for an investigation into the sudden, dramatic funding cut to The Daily Helmsman student newspaper. As I recently posted, a Memphis student fees allocation committee overseen by a small group of administrators and undergraduate leaders slashed Helmsman funding by $25,000 for the upcoming academic year– a full third of the usual fees assistance the paper receives. Some current and former Helmsman staffers and Memphis alums view the cutback as possible retaliation for its no-holds-barred editorial content.

UW-Milwaukee Campus Newspaper Plans to Sue Former Student Government President for Halloween Theft

During an organized caper earlier this semester dubbed “Operation Boston Tea Party,” a small group of student government members at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee allegedly stole and trashed 800 copies of The UWM Post. — As the Post and the Student Press Law Center report, the group carried out the campus newspaper theft on Halloween– […]

College Media Hall of Fame, Class of 2011: Frank LoMonte, Executive Director, Student Press Law Center

Frank LoMonte is a media law wunderkind. He helps student journalists, their advisers, their professors, and their publications at a prodigious rate, daily. Make no mistake: LoMonte is the face of student press rights in this country.

Student Newspaper Sex Issue Disappears Across Campus

Hundreds of copies of a student newspaper’s sex issue quickly went missing last month from newsstands across campus. Editors suspect their disappearance was due to an organized theft carried out in response to racier-than-usual material. As the Student Press Law Center reports, The Ottawa Campus is the biweekly student paper at Ottawa University in Kansas, a conservative private school boasting a “Christ-centered community of grace which integrates faith, learning and life.

Free Press Fights Continue in Los Angeles, Illinois

Spring semester is now upon us, and a new set of free press fights are in bloom.  First up: The Student Press Law Center has penned, signed, and sent a smackdown of a letter to the president of Los Angeles City College, outlining an array of dismaying administrative tactics aimed at controlling content in the […]

Best College Media Quotes, Fall 2009

This is the sixth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Best College Media Quotes “Besides being illegal, heavy-handed control of college student publications is widely recognized both as unethical and as an unsound educational practice that deprives students of valuable learning opportunities. . . […]

Sex Column Controversy at Montana: Law Professor Wants it Stopped!

Kristen Juras, a law professor at the University of Montana, is currently on a sexual witch hunt so ludicrous it pains me to think she might have tenure.  Specifically, Juras is out to stop The Kaimin student newspaper from publishing a sex column begun this semester, the paper’s first since the column trend started in […]