Best College Newspapers: 2014 Ranking Released by Princeton Review

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The Yale Daily News, The Daily Orange & The Cornell Daily Sun are the top three student pubs.

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Florida A&M Student Newspaper Delayed From Publishing & Staff Ordered to Reapply for Positions

Staffers at The Famuan, the student newspaper at Florida A&M University, will not publish their first issue of spring semester early next week as planned. Instead, on administrative orders, editorial operations at the paper have been delayed until the end of the month. The adviser of the paper at the Tallahassee school has also been removed. And Famuan staff have been told they all must reapply for their positions and “undergo training in media law and ethics . . . [and] more general journalism principles.”

University of Oregon’s Emerald Builds Special Site for Fiesta Bowl Coverage (#Interactive #Innovative #GoDucks)

The Emerald at the University of Oregon is welcoming in 2013 with a fun, furious thunderclap of online innovation. In honor of this evening’s Fiesta Bowl battle between the Oregon Ducks and the Kansas State University Wildcats, the UO student student media group has taken over its own homepage. The reconstructed web digs feature game-day tweets (all with a #GoDucks hashtag), Instagram photos (including those geo-tagged close to the stadium in Glendale, Ariz.), a reader chat board, and stories from a half-dozen Emerald staffers reporting on Fiesta football and other festivities in person. The tweets, pics, chat, and content are each presented in their own vertical streams, updated in real-time, making for a fun top to bottom wait-scroll-browse-repeat for even casual fans.

Campus Newspaper Publishing Book on Student Government President

The Saginaw Valley Journal has put together a book on the current president of the Student Association at Saginaw Valley State University. The book is being released in June by the same publishing company that oversees the SVJ, a for-profit campus newspaper focused on the Michigan school. The company is owned and operated by Michael Westendorf, an increasingly innovative and intriguing figure within collegemediatopia.

Daily Princetonian Debates, Decides to Keep Anonymous Online Comments

The Daily Princetonian is keeping its online commenting system anonymous. After a laudably transparent evaluation process tied to the construction of a new website, top staff at the Princeton University student newspaper agreed with a reader that “[a] few nasty comments here and there is an infinitesimally small price to pay for truly free, unabridged speech.”

UNC Daily Tar Heel Columnist Discusses ‘Brown Elephant in the Room’


An interesting column in The Daily Tar Heel at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is pushing for greater dialogue about “the brown elephant in the room”: poop.  The call for increased fecal matter chatter is not simply about bettering our physical health, but also getting past “certain assumptions about genders.” DTH columnist […]

Arizona Daily Wildcat Drops ‘Illegal Immigrant’ in Favor of ‘Undocumented’

The Arizona Daily Wildcat will no longer use the term “illegal immigrant” in its news copy when referring to those who are living in this country in violation of the law. Instead, individuals who fit the description will be termed “undocumented.”

Student Journalists at American University Speak for First Time About Breast-Feeding Story Controversy

The most controversial student press story of 2012 went viral before it was even written. Late last month, staffers at The Eagle at American University gave their first interview about the story and the sudden super-storm that formed around them while they were working on it. Their reflections offer a fresh, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the multi-headed Minotaur that is the modern media scandal. The scandals are born online, spread in real-time, pounced on by the press, spit on in status updates, and often built around loud voices, larger agendas, and first impressions, facts or full stories be damned. They are also increasingly ensnaring the campus press, almost always attached to an embedded anti-student sentiment along the lines of, “What have the kids done now?”

Temple News ‘Menstrual Struggle’ Column Goes Viral: ‘When Your Girlfriend Suffers, You Sure Will, Too’

Temple News relationship columnist John Corrigan is currently earning scorn, snark, and tons of clicks for a piece he penned on the horrors a woman’s period inflicts on the men in her life. Gawker calls it the “Most Ridiculous Period-Advice Column Ever.” In the piece, Corrigan lays out the inconveniences boyfriends suffer when their significant others enter “that time of the month.” According to him, these include a hold on all sexual activity, frequent trips to 7-Eleven to pick up comfort food, and existing as a human piñata for the torrent of criticisms that will be directed your way.

‘The Post is Dead, Long Live the Post': University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Paper Drops Print Edition

The UWM Post at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will no longer be published in print.  The culprits?  Cash flow problems, a declining audience, and a hardcore desire to digitally reinvent. – As staff confirmed in a special editorial published on the front page of its current issue and featured on its homepage, “This is our […]

Racist Video by University of Minnesota Duluth Student, Alum Prompts Email Alert, Apologies

A shockingly racist video featuring two young women– one a recent alumna and the other a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth– prompted UMD officials to send a school-wide email alert expressing their horror at its creation, posting, and spread. In the roughly five-minute video, the women wear blackface and talk over each other– making derogatory comments and playing off the worst stereotypes connected to minorities. They repeatedly refer to themselves as n-ggers, “claiming to be from the ‘black hood,’ needing some ‘fried (expletive deleted) chicken’, and likening themselves to looking ‘like apes right now.'”

Miami Hurricane Defends Controversial Pieces Perceived as Promoting Adderall, Other Study Drugs

Controversy recently ensnarled The Miami Hurricane at the University of Miami for its publication of a “special Adderall report” that included a column and staff editorial seen by some as promoting the popular “study drug” and others like it.

Red & Black Editor: Georgia Tech Paper’s ‘To Hell With Georgia’ Football Rivalry Issue ‘A Lose-Lose for Everyone’

Yesterday afternoon, the University of Georgia football squad tore apart in-state rival Georgia Tech University to earn a shot at the SEC title and a berth in the BCS national championship game. In a column published the day before the shellacking, Red & Black opinion editor Blake Seitz at UGA unleashed a similarly harsh editorial smackdown of sorts aimed at the Technique, Georgia’s Tech’s student newspaper. The focus of Seitz’s ire: To Hell With Georgia, a special satirical issue published annually by the Technique prior to the UGA-GT game. Over the years, within the issue, the Technique staff has not-so-subtly poked fun at general UGA stereotypes including “alcohol, rednecks, farm animals, and lots of dawgs.”

Marshall Student Newspaper Column on Football Team Plane Crash Causes Controversy

The mood of some Marshall University students, staff, and alums at the moment: angry and upset. The focus of their ire: a column in The Parthenon student newspaper claiming the annual ceremony honoring the 75 victims of the 1970 football team plane crash “has become devoid of meaning” and, for current students, is “just a motion we go through every year.”