Advantages, Disadvantages to Student Media Digital Experimentation: My Response to Steve Buttry Report

Student journalists need to start experimenting with digital storytelling more often, more comprehensively, and more boldly, according to Steve Buttry. In a new post for Nieman Journalism Lab, the news innovation guru (whose perspectives I’m really starting to enjoy) contends that “student media have advantages that professional media don’t in experimenting in their pursuit of digital-first prosperity.” Below is Buttry’s complete list of cited advantages, along with my instant analysis of their validity– including the realities and disadvantages that need to be recognized.

London Olympics: A Sampling of Student Media Reports

As the world hovers on the precipice of full-blown Olympics madness, college media summer staffers are set to provide continued coverage from the student perspective. Already, in the run-up to the Games, many outlets have profiled their own school’s student, staff, and alumni Olympians. They have also produced more interesting and offbeat news, feature, and commentary pieces touching on everything from Olympics fashion and the treatment of transgender Olympians to sports that deserve an Olympics slot (including Quidditch and yoga) and a fascinating 10-part feature in The Daily Illini on the Olympic dreams of a world-class gymnast that ultimately came up short.

Cambridge Paper Asks Readers to Rate Students’ Butts for ‘Rear of the Year’ Contests

An online student newspaper at Cambridge University is courting controversy for staging a pair of contests asking readers to select the “Rear of the Year.” In separate photo breakdowns, The Tab presents a small group of male and female Cambridge students with their butts facing the camera– fully or partially exposed or clearly outlined by […]

University of Texas Student Media Board Director ‘Quits Under Pressure’

The director UT Student Media, the board overseeing major student media operations at the University of Texas at Austin, has abruptly “resigned under pressure” only eight months after being hired. The Austin American-Statesman reports that Gary Borders quit without consulting other members of the board, which is described as “quasi-independent” of the university.

Best Journalism Schools at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Here is a list of what I consider the best journalism schools at U.S. colleges and universities. It was created after a faculty colleague in another field recently asked me what journalism schools I would most recommend for her college-bound son, who is apparently an aspiring newshound.

In the Spotlight: Nathan Giebel, Carthage College

Last month, reporter Nathan Giebel wrote a pair of pieces for The Current, the student newspaper at Wisconsin’s Carthage College– a news report touching on Carthage’s tuition increase, expenses, and professor salaries and a separate editorial on the college president’s salary. — The pieces themselves were interesting but the real story was embedded within the […]

Student Editor: When Did Our Op-Eds Become So Boring?

Sara Gatling, editor in chief of The College Voice at Mercer County Community College, has a message for her j-student peers: Spice it up! As she writes, “As I gathered and read hundreds of different college newspapers that were on display at the College Media Advisors Convention (CMA) in New York over spring break, I […]

Spring 2011 College Media Convention: Early Thoughts from New Director

In a spirited, wide-ranging Q&A that I strongly encourage you to click on and check out, Michael Koretzky, the incoming director of the annual spring College Media Convention, outlines his vision for a more svelte, conversational New York City experience for journalism students in 2011. — — Below are some of the highlights from his chat […]

Exclusive: UWIRE Set to Relaunch After Six-Month Hiatus

UWIRE is back. The predominant, temporarily dormant student press content sharing service will once again be live online- most likely later this week or early next week.  According to Tom Orr, UWIRE overseer and general manager of partner site, it is a soft launch focused on steadily reestablishing UWIRE as the main pipeline for college […]

SMU Daily Campus: ‘Why We Endorse Candidates’

The endorsing of political candidates prior to elections is a journalistic tradition older than the inverted pyramid and Larry King, combined. Many college newspapers trod a similar endorsement path with student government candidates- penning editorials prior to campus elections spotlighting the contenders they feel will be the best holders of particular offices.

Oregon State Not Liable for Limiting Student Newspaper’s Distribution on Campus

This just in: A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Oregon State University claiming the school effectively censored a conservative student newspaper by limiting its distribution on campus. — As I first reported last June, the student editor of The Liberty had claimed aggrieved status because the publication was forced to distribute copies in only a […]

Mashable: Onward State at PSU a “Sociological Petri Dish”

Onward State‘s legend grows.  A new Mashable post about the Penn State University online outlet describes it as nothing less than a “rogue campus blog” and a “sociological Petri dish”- one that is at the center of an epic “old/new media rivalry.”  The new write-up follows a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report that anointed […]

NC State Technician: “The Paper Needs Your Help”

In a rather shocking new editorial, the few remaining staff of The Technician, the student newspaper at North Carolina State University, have issued an extraordinarily blunt public assessment of the newspaper’s weaknesses.  The basic premise: Help us, or very soon we will not exist. — As the editorial began, “Technician is looking down the business […]

Boston College Radio Station Proud to Have “No Commercial Potential”

“Ryan McDaid is very particular about the music he chooses for his radio show. One of the first requirements is that few can have ever heard it before.” — So begins a wonderful profile of student-run radio at Boston College, published by The Heights.  It documents the tale of two campus stations, including the FM-regulated […]

Exclusive: Optimist Editor at Abilene Christian University Explains the Paper’s iPad Plan

The Optimist student newspaper at Abilene Christian University can be consumed in print, online, via iPhone, iPod touch, and soon enough . . . on the iPad.  Student staffers and an ACU faculty and staff support team are optimistic that the paper will be the first iPad-friendly student publication. — As MacNewsWorld reports, “Designing a […]