Best College Newspapers: 2014 Ranking Released by Princeton Review

The Yale Daily News, The Daily Orange & The Cornell Daily Sun are the top three student pubs.

The New York Times, Trend Stories, Student Drinking & Fake IDs

In a trend story published in The New York Times last week, freelance reporter Courtney Rubin focused on the changing drinking habits of undergrads in the social media age. The morning after the piece’s posting, these apparent trends took a backseat to the factual errors embedded within it. As the high-profile student-run blog IvyGate first revealed, six Cornell University seniors appearing in the feature– the article and an accompanying photo– apparently do not exist. In the latest episode of our College Media Podcast, the Center for Innovation in College Media’s Bryan Murley and I discuss this journalistic slip, its link to trend stories and parachute reporting, and the increasing fearlessness of student media to challenge what they view as incorrect or illegitimate journalism.

College President Kills Story About Prof. Charged with Child Sex Crimes, So Student Editor Self-Publishes It

The editor-in-chief of The Bryan College Triangle at Tennessee’s Bryan College self-published a controversial story yesterday about a former professor charged with sex crimes involving a minor. Alex Green wrote, printed, and distributed the article on his own four days after Bryan’s president told him it could not be run in the paper.

LSU Student Journalist: ‘Bomb Threats at Universities are Absolutely Awesome’

For Daily Reveille staff writer Chris Grillot, covering a bomb threat at Louisiana State University was “the most fun I’ve had this semester.” In a recent blog post, Grillot confirms his anxiety quickly segued to a pure adrenaline rush last week when a bomb alert began sounding in an LSU library.

Princetonian to Stop Using Email Quotes in Stories, Except in ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’

The decision is apparently a pushback against the “prevalence of email quotes” appearing in articles.

Australian Intern’s ‘Notes From a Tabloid Newsroom’ in Student Magazine Causes Stir

The Australian journalism community is agog and aghast at a recent student intern’s description of her brief time in the newsroom at Melbourne’s Herald Sun. In an anonymous piece featured in the latest issue of Farrago, a University of Melbourne campus magazine, the student characterized various Herald Sun staffers as sexist, homophobic, transphobic, perverted, ageist, sizeist, and generally mean-spirited.

Memphis President Orders Investigation Into Helmsman Newspaper Funding Cut

University of Memphis president Shirley Raines has called for an investigation into the sudden, dramatic funding cut to The Daily Helmsman student newspaper. As I recently posted, a Memphis student fees allocation committee overseen by a small group of administrators and undergraduate leaders slashed Helmsman funding by $25,000 for the upcoming academic year– a full third of the usual fees assistance the paper receives. Some current and former Helmsman staffers and Memphis alums view the cutback as possible retaliation for its no-holds-barred editorial content.

Rupert Murdoch’s Daily Confused with University of Washington’s Daily

The Daily, Murdoch’s tablet news operation, is dying. The Daily at UW is doing fine.

The $25,000 Question: Was Daily Helmsman Funding Cut at Memphis Due to Content Concerns?

The University of Memphis has slashed funding for The Daily Helmsman by $25,000 for the upcoming academic year, a full third of the usual financial assistance the paper receives from student activities fees. Some current and former staffers of the campus newspaper view the dramatic cutback as possible retaliation for controversial editorial content.

Boston College Student Columnist Offers Kanye, Bieber, Kristen Stewart & Other Celebs ‘Unsolicited Advice’

“The Unsolicited Celebrity Advice Column” is a weekly summer blog series published by The Gavel, a progressive student newsmagazine at Boston College. Jenna LaConte, Gavel‘s culture editor and a junior English and communication double major at BC, has a four-fold aim with the half-serious, half-satiric feature.

Weird College News: Turtle Racing, Duck Killing & Laundry Room Chicken

A University of New Mexico staffer apparently beat a duck to death earlier this summer with a metal trash grabber– and tossed eggs from its nest in a pond. When confronted by an eyewitness– who wrote a letter this week to The Daily Lobo– the assailant said she was simply following school policy and cleaning up the nest’s mess.

Controversial NextGen Journal Piece: ‘Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25’

A provocative piece published late last week on NextGen Journal arguing all social media managers should be under 25 years old has stirred incomparable levels of rancor and commenting. NextGen founder and editor-in-chief Connor Toohill confirms it is the most controversial post appearing on the site since its inception in fall 2010. In the piece, fresh University of Iowa graduate Cathryn Sloane contends social media is a phenomenon embedded most intricately within the DNA of teens and young twentysomethings. Their innate knowledge of its ins-and-outs, according to Sloane, makes them “the ones who can best predict, execute, and utilize the finest developments to come,” including in the workplace.

Colorado State’s Rocky Mountain Collegian Quickly Mobilizes, Provides Coverage of Theater Massacre

Student staffers at The Rocky Mountain Collegian deserve kudos this weekend for quickly and impressively mobilizing to cover and reflect upon various newsworthy components of the Colorado movie shooting. Along with a basic recounting of the known facts related to the massacre itself, the Colorado State University campus newspaper has posted stories online focused on CSU student reactions, state gun laws, and the legal gauntlet shooter James Holmes will soon face– the latter based on an interview with a law professor.

Save the Racks!: University of Florida, Alligator Newspaper in Standoff Over Campus Newsstands

An odd end-of-the-week story is emerging from the University of Florida and gaining mainstream news media steam. UF administrators are apparently waging a battle royale against The Independent Florida Alligator over 19 orange news racks that serve as Gator distribution points.

A Second Printer Rejects LSU’S Legacy Magazine Due to Sexual Fantasy Feature; Interview with Editor Emily Slack

A second printer has refused to publish the latest issue of Legacy Magazine at Louisiana State University because of its concerns about a story on student sexual fetishes. In a podcast chat with me this morning, Legacy editor-in-chief Emily Stack outlines the now-weeklong saga surrounding an article set to run in its upcoming issue.