Dying Chivalry, Changing Virginity, Girl Flirting, Lesbian Chic: Student Press Sex, Love & Socializing Stories

Disappearing chivalry. Twenty-first century virgins. Girl flirting. Lesbian chic. Hairy faces. Lust at first sight. Internet porn. Two “Fifty Shades of Grey” smackdowns. And one very expensive condom. Below is a sampling of recent– or at least recently spotted– top-notch student press columns and features on sex, love, and other undergrad socialization tendencies.

Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Open Relationships, Bras, Sex Crimes & Love Triangles (#sex)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love. Open relationships, love triangles, sexual consent, sexy music, and the sexual side effects of so-called happiness drugs all make appearances. Happy Monday!

A Second Printer Rejects LSU’S Legacy Magazine Due to Sexual Fantasy Feature; Interview with Editor Emily Slack

A second printer has refused to publish the latest issue of Legacy Magazine at Louisiana State University because of its concerns about a story on student sexual fetishes. In a podcast chat with me this morning, Legacy editor-in-chief Emily Stack outlines the now-weeklong saga surrounding an article set to run in its upcoming issue.

Valentine’s Day Special: Pitt News Publishes Annual Sex Edition (@ThePittNews #sex)

Macognone’s missive is a call-to-arms trumpeting the arrival of the latest Pitt News sex edition. Now in its fourth year, it has emerged as one of collegemediatopia’s most insightful and creatively-designed themed issues tackling sex and love.

Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Hickeys, Virginity, and Dating Histories (#hickeys @BootyDrop)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love. Hickeys, masturbation, penile fractures (ouch), the art of wooing a woman, and an intriguing website called Booty Drop all make appearances. Happy Wednesday!

Funny Student Press Headlines #9: ‘Bananas, Nose-Squashing & Heartbreak’

Today’s sole winner of this recurring giggly headline feature is a doozy published recently atop a column in The Cornell Daily Sun.

Sex and the University: A Sampling of Student Press Love & Sex Stories

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student newspapers nationwide directly tackling sex and love. Facebook dating etiquette, the hook-up culture, student singledom, BDSM, and anal sex all make an appearance. Happy Wednesday!

Student Newspaper Essay About One-Night Stand Sparks Weeklong Uproar at New York’s Yeshiva University

An erotic essay about a one-night stand recently published in an Orthodox Jewish university’s student newspaper has caused controversy on campus and led two editors to resign.

More Sex, Sex, Sex in the Student Press

Sex has been the story of the student press for the past decade, for better and worse. Sex columns and sex issues in college newspapers and full-blown campus sex magazines have appeared with increasing regularity and as increasingly risqué at or near campuses nationwide and into Canada (and even India!). ————– ————– The newest student […]

Obama Mania in College Media: A 2008 Election Recap

Since its launch, the most-viewed posts on this little blog of mine have been those with the words ‘sex’ or ‘Obama’ in the headline.  Am I attempting to exploit the blogosphere’s fascination with the latter here?  Absolutely.  (Happy Thanksgiving!)   A brief rundown of college media’s Obama-mania on and around Election Day 2008:   An Associated […]

Abstinence Sells

A chaste scoop has prompted major buzz around The Quadrangle student newspaper at Manhattan College.  According to The New York Times, a recent front-page piece outlining the school president’s support for a student abstinence organization received three times the normal traffic on the paper’s Web site and briefly became the talk of the campus.     According to […]

Sex and Obscenity at The Daily Kansan

It is public service journalism at its purest and most obscene.  The Daily Kansan recently partnered with Kansas University student leaders and athletic department staffers to offer alternative suggestions for the obscene chant still shouted by a minority of students at KU’s home football games.  Kudos to the Kansan for stepping up and using the power […]

Sex, Dirty Loos, and a Rat in the Canteen

August 24- The newspaper is still less than a year old, but it is already making a difference. The DU Beat, an independent student newspaper begun in December 2007 at Delhi University in India, has the school’s students and staffers talking with a range of innovative, in-your-face content. The most popular offering: “Ask Sex Amma,” […]