Red & Black Editor: Georgia Tech Paper’s ‘To Hell With Georgia’ Football Rivalry Issue ‘A Lose-Lose for Everyone’

Yesterday afternoon, the University of Georgia football squad tore apart in-state rival Georgia Tech University to earn a shot at the SEC title and a berth in the BCS national championship game. In a column published the day before the shellacking, Red & Black opinion editor Blake Seitz at UGA unleashed a similarly harsh editorial smackdown of sorts aimed at the Technique, Georgia’s Tech’s student newspaper. The focus of Seitz’s ire: To Hell With Georgia, a special satirical issue published annually by the Technique prior to the UGA-GT game. Over the years, within the issue, the Technique staff has not-so-subtly poked fun at general UGA stereotypes including “alcohol, rednecks, farm animals, and lots of dawgs.”

Tribune: Marquette Journalism Program Changes Trigger ‘Frustrations Among Students That Cannot Be Ignored’

A new editorial in The Marquette Tribune raises concerns about recent changes to the Marquette University journalism program, aligning them with the media industry’s larger perceived “dumbing-down.” Among other critiques, editors cite an apparent over-emphasis on teaching students superficial self-promotion techniques, possibly at the expense of needed journalism principles.

Stony Brook Student Magazine’s Funny Football Tweets Lead to Censorship Threat

Late last month, athletics officials at Stony Brook University threatened the press credentials of a student magazine in response to a staffer’s comedic live-tweeting of a football game. It is one of the stranger student press censorship cases I have come across.

Funny Journalism Video: Old Newspaper Loons

This occasional CMM series shares funny viral vids related in some way to journalism and media. To nominate a video, send along a link and any needed context to me at Video Title: “How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?”

Daily Princetonian Honors Harry Potter in Recent Joke Issue (#harrypotter)

In its annual joke issue published earlier this month, The Daily Princetonian became The Daily Prophet. The Princeton University student newspaper embraced Harry Potter in a spoof-tastic edition full of stories about muggles, magic, elves, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

April Fools’ Edition of Student Newspaper Prompts Protest

The annual burst of student press satire at the start of April stirred an uproar after all.  A group of 70 to 100 students and faculty gathered on the University of Colorado, Denver campus recently to protest the April Fools’ issue of The Advocate, a student weekly.  Protesters declared the satire in bad taste, citing […]

April Fools’ File: Slideshow of Student Newspaper Satire

Collegemediatopia recently observed April Fools’ Day with its normal celebration of satirical gusto. Below is a montage and links to a smattering of the funnier pieces popping up in student newspapers nationwide and one full-blown satirical publication (hat tips to WashPost Campus Overload and Chronicle of Higher Education). — [slideshow] — Links to individual pieces […]

Student Newspaper at Alberta Apologizes for “Racist Jokes”

The editor in chief of The Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta, is apologizing for a satirical feature in the newspaper that included comments some readers found racially insensitive toward a pair of Indian students. — According to a Vancouver Sun report, the paper publishes an annual satire piece aimed at mocking […]

Updated: Duke, North Carolina Rivalry: On the Court, Online, in Print

Update: Huge thanks to Sara Gregory at the Daily Tar Heel for providing the following clarification on this post: — “I don’t think ESPN should have linked to when talking about what the Chronicle does rivalry-wise. The Daily Tar Hole Web site is different from the Daily Tar Hole spoof the Duke Chronicle does […]

College Media Sex Scandals, Fall 2009

This is the fifth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Sex Scandal Award: Towerlight, Towson University The Towerlight at Towson University was in serious flux last October because of Lux, the pseudonymous writer behind the sex column “The Bed Post.” The column divided the newspaper’s […]

College Media Overblown Holocaust Award, Fall 2009

This is the fourth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Overblown Holocaust Award: Harvard Crimson In what its editors called “a logistical failure not a philosophical one,” the Harvard Crimson ran a Holocaust denial ad in a single print edition early last semester. It was a production snafu […]

Georgetown Heckler Under Fire for Satirical Article on Cross Burnings and the KKK

2009 has become the year of satirical and racial controversy within Georgetown University’s student media. More than eight months ago, Georgetown students staged a sit-in protest criticizing perceived racial insensitivities within the April Fool’s edition of the Hoya campus newspaper. Now, a student humor magazine that attempted to poke fun at the Hoya incident is facing similar […]

Holocaust Satire Article Prompts Apology; Purdue Students on “Hotseat”

I have been sitting on a scattered mix of news items.  Some are current, some a bit dated.  Before all become stale, here are a few: — An article joking about the start of a new U.S.-based Holocaust that ran last month in a satirical newspaper put out by Reed College students has spurred criticism […]

Student Newspaper Spoof Advertisement Honors Killers, Causes Controversy

A spoof advertisement in The Sanctuary, a student newspaper heavy on the satire at the University of Birmingham in the UK, has caused a public stir and spurred a lawsuit, according to numerous reports.  The full-page ad “honors” murderers by offering “designer china emblazoned with images” of the country’s most notorious killers. —– According to […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Georgia Perry, Indiana U.

Update: For those interested in checking out The Robin, Perry reports: “People can read some stories online at  Or if they want print copies they can inquire about that through and we’ll send them over and just ask for a donation of whatever they want to give.” ———- Georgia Perry is making a […]