Ball Bearings Magazine Story: ‘A Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss’; An Interview with Ball State J-Student Lindsey Gelwicks

In the photo, the two college students from Indiana are leaning toward each other, eyes locked amorously, lips puckered in anticipation– and hands blocking their mouths. The odd last detail is a playful symbol of the couple’s vow to save their first kiss until after marriage. The image ran alongside a recent report in Ball Bearings Magazine at Ball State University focused on the small segment of students who have pledged to refrain from kissing until their wedding day, even as hook-ups and half-night stands take place in bars and dorm rooms all around them.

Student Press Tackles Religion: Prayer, Finding Faith, Monastic Living & Church-State Separation

The deadline is looming for UPIU’s latest freelance student reporting contest, which is seeking pitches for stories focused in some manner on religion. As the contest intro mentions, “Religion has been a major topic in the news lately. Religious tensions underlie many of the simmering conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Questions about women in leadership, homosexuality in church, and other ticklish topics led the headlines in 2011.”

Daily Princetonian Series Examines Professors’ Religious Faiths (Princeton University)

Late last semester, The Daily Princetonian ran an interesting six-part series– not of stories but conversations. It is worth a look. Each conversation occurs between colleagues, a Princeton University politics professor speaking to fellow profs. whose beliefs fall under various religious tenets.

2011 Year in Review: Top News Stories, Tweets, Search Terms, Baby Names

While December may argue about being given short shrift, the year in review bonanza has begun in earnest. Lists are being unveiled ranking the top news stories, sports stories, religion stories, style trends, scandals, tweets, search terms, and baby names, along with the most shared stories on Facebook.