Racist Video by University of Minnesota Duluth Student, Alum Prompts Email Alert, Apologies

A shockingly racist video featuring two young women– one a recent alumna and the other a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth– prompted UMD officials to send a school-wide email alert expressing their horror at its creation, posting, and spread. In the roughly five-minute video, the women wear blackface and talk over each other– making derogatory comments and playing off the worst stereotypes connected to minorities. They repeatedly refer to themselves as n-ggers, “claiming to be from the ‘black hood,’ needing some ‘fried (expletive deleted) chicken’, and likening themselves to looking ‘like apes right now.'”

UCLA Student’s ‘Anti-Asian Rant’ After Tsunami Goes Viral

A student’s odd, impassioned “anti-Asian rant” filmed and uploaded onto YouTube in the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami has gone viral and caused huge headaches for the University of California, Los Angeles.

Racist Obama Leaflets Slipped Into Lehigh’s Brown & White

“Your president is black. How does that make you feel?”   A leaflet with those words were slipped inside hundreds of copies of The Brown and White student newspaper at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University last week, without editors’ knowledge or permission. The paper’s EIC noted: “Probably someone came around and stuffed them in into each copy. […]