College Media Villains of the Year: James Franco, A-Lister, Apes Lover, Yale Daily News Hater

— College Media Villains, 2010-2011 — Over the past academic year, a small number of school officials, outside individuals, and even an A-list celebrity negatively impacted collegemediatopia– or at least deigned to try.  Their complaints, backroom dealings or outright censorship have left a sour taste in the mouths of student journalists and their supporters.  First up […]

Journalism Students Report from Red Carpet at Oscars

As you watch the celebrified madness unfold during Oscar-mania be sure to seek out Faheem Ahmed and Anish Patel, a pair of Rice University seniors who won a contest enabling them to interview celebs and report from their very own spot on the red carpet. — For his part, Feheem is especially angling for quick […]