‘The Post is Dead, Long Live the Post’: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Paper Drops Print Edition

The UWM Post at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will no longer be published in print.  The culprits?  Cash flow problems, a declining audience, and a hardcore desire to digitally reinvent. — As staff confirmed in a special editorial published on the front page of its current issue and featured on its homepage, “This is our […]

Controversial NextGen Journal Piece: ‘Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25’

A provocative piece published late last week on NextGen Journal arguing all social media managers should be under 25 years old has stirred incomparable levels of rancor and commenting. NextGen founder and editor-in-chief Connor Toohill confirms it is the most controversial post appearing on the site since its inception in fall 2010. In the piece, fresh University of Iowa graduate Cathryn Sloane contends social media is a phenomenon embedded most intricately within the DNA of teens and young twentysomethings. Their innate knowledge of its ins-and-outs, according to Sloane, makes them “the ones who can best predict, execute, and utilize the finest developments to come,” including in the workplace.

Exclusive: Optimist Editor at Abilene Christian University Explains the Paper’s iPad Plan

The Optimist student newspaper at Abilene Christian University can be consumed in print, online, via iPhone, iPod touch, and soon enough . . . on the iPad.  Student staffers and an ACU faculty and staff support team are optimistic that the paper will be the first iPad-friendly student publication. — As MacNewsWorld reports, “Designing a […]

HackCollege Interviews Onward State Editors at Penn State (Nickelback Not Amused)

I recently came across an interesting audio interview featuring Davis Shaver and Evan Kalikow, two of the undergrad gurus behind Penn State University’s “unruly news blog” Onward State.  For those who might forget, the pair and their PSU new(s) media machine earned a prominent shout-out in a mid-January Chronicle of Higher Ed. piece.  The lead: […]

In the Spotlight: Cameron Henderson, Publisher, Northwestern Art Review

Eight Northwestern University students. A “cheap pizza joint.” Spirited conversation about a shared love of art and architecture. An idea for a publication whose aim would be nothing less than to “provide a forum for greater exchange among an expanding community of students who devote their time to studying, thinking and writing about art.”  The Northwestern […]

College Publisher Suffers from Malicious Hack Attack

As undoubtedly many student newspaper staffers now already know, the main servers for the uber-influential and widely-used College Publisher online hosting service suffered a major security breach in the middle of last week. — As a trusted source confirmed to me, “The site was hacked Wednesday night and people started deleting database and archive files […]

NYU Local Reporter Reflects on ‘Biggest Story of the Year’

This past February at New York University, NYU Local reporter Charlie Eisenhood embedded himself inside a cafeteria at New York University to document a highly publicized sit-in staged by a fringe student group, Take Back New York University (TBNYU). — For more than forty-eight hours, without much food and even less sleep, Eisenhood reported basically […]

Richmond Paper’s Web Site an Online News Revolution

The online news revolution at The Collegian is built atop “Revolution News.” Beginning in summer 2008, staffers at the University of Richmond student newspaper tweaked, twiddled, and reconfigured the “Revolution News” WordPress template into an innovative, multimediated mix that recently won the Student Society for News Design’s best overall college newspaper Web site — Along […]

New Student Site: One-Stop Shop or Pretend Journalism?

I’m ambivalent.  Here’s the deal: The Philadelphia Inquirer has announced it is launching a new Web site aimed at providing a platform for the journalistic and creative work of college students throughout the Philly area, according to a new report in The Hawk at Saint Joseph’s University.  News reports, op-eds, blogs, photos, even fiction pieces […]

25 Random Things About Modern College Media: Part 3

My contribution to the now way-too-popular “Random” list phenomenon continues below with Part 3 of “25 Random Things About Modern College Media.”  (Also see Part 1 and Part 2.)  As promised, today’s segment is all about the tough love, presenting some of the harsher truths about 21st-century collegemediatopia.  First up… — 11) Student media online […]

Budget Cut May Sideline Print Edition of MTSU Paper

What does it say about the online journalism revolution that a majority of its younger members are not yet in any hurry to join it and often even fight against it? — An example: Middle Tennessee State University is proposing a $100,000 budget cut for The Sidelines student newspaper that would effectively kill the paper’s […]

First Amherst, Then The World!

It’s independent.  It’s Web-only.  It’s student-run.  It’s The Amherst Wire, an online news magazine started roughly one year ago by three multimedia journalism students at UMASS with a passion for “good storytelling, rich multimedia content, interactivity, and fostering community dialogue on the issues that affect our lives.” ——– ——– The current tagline: “Local. New. Media.”  […]

Real Story of Inauguration: Live Streaming Video

An open letter to Mindy McAdams, purveyor of online journalism teaching tips and tools and creator of that wonderful timeline noting significant moments in online news reporting:  —— Inauguration Day 2008 was considered historic even before it happened (literally, with CNN.com imploring Web surfers before the big day to be sure to “Watch History Unfold”).  In the end, however, from […]

College Journalism ICONN Makes Conference Debut

Online student journalism at the college level now has the beginnings of a nationwide advocate and Internet connection: ICONN, the Intercollegiate Online News Network.  It’s still definitely in beta form (its Web site is a Facebook group page), but this association “of individuals, academic programs and professional organizations dedicated [to] connecting student web journalists and […]

Web Presence Not Just About Showing Up

On January 12th, the editor in chief of The Flyer News at the University of Dayton posted a response to a letter criticizing the paper’s editorial cartoonist for misrepresenting various individuals and aspects of the school. ——— The EIC’s argument is well-written and well-reasoned and I applaud him for not shying away from a dialogue with […]