50 Best Journalism Schools and Programs at U.S. Colleges & Universities

A list of 50 undergraduate journalism programs I consider to be the best in the U.S.

Student Journalist Spotlight: Cody Brown, NYU Local

Cody Brown is a journalism revolutionary. As publisher of NYU Local at New York University, “a 24 hour Web site about the school we call home,” Brown is aiming to “remove the distinction of who is a professional and who is a citizen and let everyone contribute in the same way, using their real names […]

Should Students and Profs Be Facebook Friends?

The wonderful Meredith Cochie at the University of Florida sent me an interesting piece from today’s Austin American-Statesman whose headline says it all: “Professors Navigate the Tricky World of ‘Friending’ Students Online.”       OK, so they are not exactly college media- media produced by college students (although Facebook was started by a Harvard […]