NYU Student Becomes Online Sensation After Sending ‘Reply-All’ Email

It began with a message about a tax form. It led to an email from a student to his mother. And it quickly evolved into a unique online viral sensation. Meet Max Wiseltier. The New York University sophomore is currently known across campus and around the world (wide web). His claim to fame: accidentally hitting “reply all.”

Student Blogs “Determined to Reinvent College Journalism”

The still relatively new batch of online student outlets with new media sense and underground sensibilities have been dubbed nothing less than full-blown “blogging fraternities.”  A new Chronicle of Higher Education feature declares that the “national wave of student-run Web outfits [are] determined to reinvent college journalism. . . . Readers devour these sites. College officials […]

NYU Local Reporter Reflects on ‘Biggest Story of the Year’

This past February at New York University, NYU Local reporter Charlie Eisenhood embedded himself inside a cafeteria at New York University to document a highly publicized sit-in staged by a fringe student group, Take Back New York University (TBNYU). — For more than forty-eight hours, without much food and even less sleep, Eisenhood reported basically […]

25 Random Things About Modern College Media: Part 1

Inspired by the Facebook phenomenon “25 Random Things About Me,” which I’ve now happily received from roughly two dozen friends and colleagues (Time reports more than 5 million such lists have been completed since the start of the month), I’ve drawn up my own “Random” list.  It’s not personal, but professional passion-based.  Below is part […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Cody Brown, NYU Local

Cody Brown is a journalism revolutionary. As publisher of NYU Local at New York University, “a 24 hour Web site about the school we call home,” Brown is aiming to “remove the distinction of who is a professional and who is a citizen and let everyone contribute in the same way, using their real names […]

“A 24 Hour Website About the School . . . We Call Home”

I’m starting the latest post in purple, in honor of the newest entrant into NYU’s collegemediatopia: NYU Local, “a 24 hour website about the school and the city that we call home.”     According to a MediaShift post by the one and only Alana Taylor, it came into being two months ago, as an […]