Funny Journalism Video: Old Newspaper Loons

This occasional CMM series shares funny viral vids related in some way to journalism and media. To nominate a video, send along a link and any needed context to me at Video Title: “How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?”

Student Press Story Headlines That Made Me Giggle #1

On a recent website scan of The Golden Gate XPress, the fantastic student newspaper at San Francisco State University, a particularly intriguing headline caught my eye.  As the header reads simply, “Naked Santas Attempt to Break World Record in San Francisco.”  Sometimes the story itself makes the hed work easy. :)  Kudos also for the […]

Journalist Tells J-Student: Get Out While You Still Can! :(

It is official: Journalists are telling j-students to STAY AWAY from the profession, for their own sake.  In a new “Help Wanted” blog for UWIRE, recent j-grad John Sutton writes that a former internship mentor is less-than-keen on his enthusiasm for joining the newspaper biz: —  Even one of my primary contacts in the job […]