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The Art of the In-House Ad: Allegheny Campus Exploits Puppies, The Brady Bunch (@AlleghenyCampus)

Along with quality content, The Allegheny Campus at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College has recently been rocking out evermore innovative in-house/join-the-staff ads. Quirky and eye-catching, the ads serve a two-fold purpose: enticing students to potentially sign on and providing current staff with a bonding activity and sheer enjoyment.

Student Newspaper Strip Club Headline Causes Controversy at Oklahoma State

A sexually suggestive headline sitting atop a recent article on the front page of The Daily O’Collegian has prompted an uproar on Oklahoma State University’s campus. As I previously posted, the OK State student newspaper topped a front page centerpiece about a new strip club opening near campus with the header: “Diamond in the Muff.”

Student Press Food Reports Touch on Veggies, Allergies & Gluten-Free Diets (@UATrav @ThePittNews @TheChrony)

Three recent college newspaper reports crossed my radar this morning for their focus on different facets of students’ relationship with food while on campus. The buzzwords at the heart of the pieces– which appear in The Pitt News, The Arkansas Traveler, and The Daily Utah Chronicle– include vegetarian, allergies, and gluten-free.

‘Best of Collegiate Design’: Ideas for Student Newspapers, Magazines, Yearbooks, Websites

The winners of CMA’s annual “Best of Collegiate Design” competition have been announced and are now featured in all their colorful, creative glory in a nearly 150-page booklet

Florida Atlantic Student Journalists Create Newspaper Without Computers: ‘OMG WTF?’

Student journalists at Florida Atlantic University are in the midst of a grand experiment in good ol’-fashioned journalism. Through some funding from The Society of Professional Journalists and under the direction of beloved-former-adviser-forever-guru Michael Koretzky, staffers at The University Press are putting out an issue sans Internet, computers or high-tech tools of any kind.

Young Journalist: ‘Reporters Are a Sketchy Breed’ :p

Angel McCurdy is a young journalist.  Yet, she jokes on Twitter that her love of “dresses, floral patterns, DIY projects, and newspapers” means she might actually be 80 years old. — As a staff writer at a kick-a** Florida daily, McCurdy has been fully ensconced in all-things journalism for awhile.  In her words, “I’ve been […]

Dan’s Journey to Iraq: A Student Press Adventure, Part 1, “Sulimaniyah 90210”

Early last year, I began writing about The AUIS Voice, the first independent student newspaper in post-Saddam Iraq. Started by a scrappy band of Iraqi students and an impassioned ex-Washington Post reporter, the Voice’s spirit of innovation is ironically its adherence to the oldest principles of the craft: objectivity, editorial freedom, and the search for truth (rarities among Iraqi media).

Campus Newspaper Loses $20,000 After Student Fees Cut

The Globe student newspaper at Utah’s Salt Lake Community College is facing a sudden $20,000 budget shortfall and a potential shuttering after student fees allocated for the paper were cut by 50 percent.  (Read about the other major student newspaper-student fees battle currently brewing at Kansas University.) — According to a Deseret News report, a […]

University Football Coach: Newspaper Theft by Players a “Team Building Exercise”

Guy Morriss, the football coach at Texas A&M University-Commerce, is expressing pride at his players’ recent involvement in the theft of almost 2,000 copies of The East Texan, the school’s student newspaper. According to the coach, “I’m proud of my players for doing that.  This was the best team building exercise we have ever done.” […]

Editor Reflects on Tough Student Government Coverage

In a reflective new post on her personal blog, Whit editor in chief Emily Kostic at Rowan University outlines her seesaw mentality toward the paper’s recent gung-ho coverage and editorializing about the school’s student government. — In her words: Over the past month, The Whit . . . has published several controversial stories about our Student Government Association. It […]

Michigan Daily, Time to Step Up, Due to the (Lack of) Competition

The Ann Arbor News will cease being a daily newspaper starting in late July, according to a new Poynter report.  It will reemerge as a more svelte online-only operation publishing a print paper twice a week.  The reason this latest newspaper-bad-news headline stands out amid the predicted print reckoning is that it will leave Ann […]

International Journalism Students: Is U.S. Uni the Answer?

Journalism recruiter extraordinaire Joe Grimm recently tackled a question on his Poynter advice column from an international j-student curious about the proper path to take to break into American journalism.  Grimm’s prognosis: Employers are more interested in an aspiring journo’s professional experience than the reputation of the j-school from which they earn their degree. — […]

J-Student Interns Tiptoe Around “Emotional Minefields”

A fascinating new feature in American Journalism Review describes the climate of fear, the “emotional minefields”, and the ever-present fights for change that the most recent batch of j-student summer interns faced in newsrooms nationwide.   Ironically, AJR writer Tim Collie describes an intern crop still aspiring to work in newspapers, even as the older faces around […]