Guest Post: North Florida Spinnaker Offers New Way to Look at ‘Top News’

This is a guest post written by John Timpe, the Center for Student Media adviser at the University of North Florida, a position which includes oversight of the UNF Spinnaker. He briefly outlines an innovative solution to the “Top News” conundrum faced by many student and professional media online.

President Tilghman’s Retirement Prompts Princetonian Staff Email: ‘BREAKING ALL HANDS ON DECK’

Princeton University president Shirley Tilghman’s announcement about her impending retirement sent The Daily Princetonian into overdrive over the weekend. It began with an all-staff email from editor-in-chief Henry Rome. Subject line, all caps: “BREAKING ALL HANDS ON DECK.”

10 Funny College Memes: Adderall, Dorm Bathroom Habits, High Tuition Complaints & More

As I’ve posted previously, the story of the month so far: college memes. Campus-specific memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. A rash of student media reports and social media chatter confirm that undergraduates’ online experiences are now hovering between “meme madness” and full-blown “meme mania.”

College and University Meme Pages: A Starter Guide

As I confirmed in a post yesterday, campus-specific memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools nationwide. Building on its general popularity in recent years as a quick-hit form of entertainment and commentary, the Internet meme has gone explosively viral among the student set since the start of the month.

Chico State Student Newspaper Feature Focuses on Instagram (@TheOrion_com @Instagram)

In a recent front-page story, The Orion at California State University, Chico, focused on the odd, increasingly addictive practice of “edit[ing] everyday images to look old-fashioned.” The app that has made such immediate aging possible: Instagram. Its ease of use and convenient sharing capabilities have made it a huge hit since its launch, raising related questions about its relative artistic merits and the ethics of altering what has been snapped.

Student Confessional Site TerpSecret: ‘Pour Your Heart Out. Or Just Talk Sh*t.’ (@TerpSecret #UMD)

The latest student-specific anonymous sharing site is TerpSecret. Geared toward University of Maryland students, the tagline states simply: “Pour Your Heart Out. Or Just Talk Sh*t. Whatever Works.”

Want to Write for the National Online Student Outlet NextGen Journal? ‘Make a Pitch’ (@NextGenJournal)

Sixteen months after its launch, national online student news-and-views outlet NextGen Journal is growing and continuing to innovate.

College Media Hall of Fame: David Teeghman, Founder, J-School Buzz, University of Missouri (@JSchoolBuzz)

J-School Buzz, an independent student blog focused with unblinking intensity on the University of Missouri School of Journalism, awes me. At the moment, it is the only hyperlocal student blog within collegemediatopia of any significance. It continues to break interesting stories and trigger debates of consequence in Columbia, Mo., and beyond. And it is staffed by students within the Mizzou J-School who are unafraid to doggedly and at times critically report on their own program, possibly angering those who give them grades, might recommend them for internships, and consider them from scholarships.

The Chronicle, Duke University’s Student Newspaper, Premieres New Web Platform

According to recent reports, fewer students are packing into Cameron Indoor Stadium to watch Coach K and Duke University basketball. My guess: They are home scrolling through The Chronicle. The student newspaper at Duke University has further upped its digital awesomeness, rolling out a new web platform is boldly dubbing “Chron 2.0.”

North Carolina State Technician Publishes Accidental ‘Gay’ Tweet

It is a tweet staffers no doubt wish they could take back: “i think i might be gay??” The odd questioning message popped up yesterday on the twitter feed of The Technician, the student newspaper at North Carolina State University. It was quickly deleted, but not before at least one reader spotted and retweeted it. The paper soon after apologized.

Best Journalism Schools at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Here is a list of what I consider the best journalism schools at U.S. colleges and universities. It was created after a faculty colleague in another field recently asked me what journalism schools I would most recommend for her college-bound son, who is apparently an aspiring newshound.

Debate at Missouri’s School of Journalism: Should Students Be Allowed to Work for Multiple Media Outlets?

A public debate is currently playing out among some profs, alums, and students within the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism centered on a student press conflict of interest. The basic question at the debate’s core: Should students be allowed to work for multiple, possibly competing campus media at the same time?

Caught in the Web with Katelyn Sweigart #1

Caught in the Web is a new CMM feature created and maintained by Katelyn Sweigart, the web editor of The Mustang Daily and a senior journalism student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It lays out a range of web tools and platforms aimed at helping student journalists up their writing, reporting, and multimedia awesomeness.

Quad News at Quinnipiac Goes Dark in Protest of SOPA

The Quad News, an online student news outlet at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University, went symbolically “dark” yesterday in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  While many college media pubs. wrote about yesterday’s wide-ranging web shutdowns, it appears the Quad News is the only student 0utlet to actually join the fight by also shutting down. […]

West Virginia University Journalism Students Can Now Earn Extra ‘Certificate of Digital Proficiency’

As The Daily Athenaeum reports, the School of Journalism at West Virginia University has begun offering an extra Certificate of Digital Proficiency to go along with its main degree programs. The Certificate will be granted to students who complete a set of courses specifically targeted to “skills in interactive journalism, video editing, blogging and design software.” A glimpse at the course offerings confirms it involves a sampling or two from most of those listed areas.