Student Press Stories I Love: The Pain, Pleasure and Rising Popularity of Body Modification (@RedandBlack)

A new report in The Red & Black at the University of Georgia highlights a growing movement among students and others that makes ear piercing and the basic forearm tattoo look like child’s play. Real body modification circa 2012 allows students to “test the waters and push the envelope.” As one student told Red & Black staffer Randy Schafer, “I found that it was not only a way to express myself, but it’s also technology in my body.”

Student Press Story Headlines That Made Me Giggle #1

On a recent website scan of The Golden Gate XPress, the fantastic student newspaper at San Francisco State University, a particularly intriguing headline caught my eye.  As the header reads simply, “Naked Santas Attempt to Break World Record in San Francisco.”  Sometimes the story itself makes the hed work easy. :)  Kudos also for the […]

Times are Tough at University of Delaware! (@UDReview)

A quick scan of the homepage of The Review at the University of Delaware this morning revealed a barrage of negative news impacting campus. Take a look at the teaser headlines on the right in the website screenshot below– they include links to stories involving crime, car crashes, and an incident in which a student-age suspect struck a KFC employee by tossing a drink through a drive-thru window.

A Pair of College Problems to Consider as You Start Spring Semester

Boston University student Madeline Huerta continues to post a plethora of college problems on her popular Tumblr blog. Here are a pair of recent submissions perfectly timed to the start of a new year and spring semester.

Pitt News Editorial Challenges Student Government Decision to Suspend Collegiate Readership Program

A new editorial in The Pitt News at the University of Pittsburgh is calling for the school’s student government to reverse its recent decision to suspend the Collegiate Readership Program on campus. Through the program, in place on many campuses nationwide, free copies of USA TODAY and The New York Times are regularly available for students.

Daily Californian: Who is the Most ‘Date-able’ 2012 Presidential Candidate?

A fun podcast I just came across within the Opinion section of The Daily Californian’s website debates the date-ability of the major contenders within the 2012 presidential race. Filmed last month, the recording offers several laugh-out-loud moments, including asides about Rick Perry’s probable first date involving “getting drunk on Jack Daniels and going to the county fair” and Michelle Bachman being the “crazy ex who would call you up at all hours.”

Journo-Programmers, Ready-Made Portfolios, G+ Hangout and Other ‘Trends in Journalism Education’

In a new PBS MediaShift piece, CUNY j-prof Adam Glenn outlines a half dozen “intriguing developments in journalism education in the last year.” G+, Storify, Facebook, entrepreneurial journalism, and ready-made portfolios all make appearances on the list. Some of the items are fresher and in-the-moment than others, but every one sports lots of helpful links for those interested in learning more.

East Carolina Student Media Director Fired 2 Months After ‘Streaker’ Photo Published

East Carolina University officials have fired Paul Isom, ECU’s student media director, without warning or much explanation. The sudden termination has prompted speculation among the college media community that it was related to the The East Carolinian’s infamous ‘streaker’ photo published in November on its front page.

2012 New Year’s Resolution: Become a College Info Geek!

As its title screams, College Info Geek is focused on student-centric “tips, hacks, and tricks.” As the intro on its About page notes, beneath the Post-It Note decor, CIG is “a blog that helps you be awesome at college.” A review of recent posts reveals advice centered on studying and career prep, all things high tech, and music, music, music. The latter is an especially “huge passion and timesink” for CIG’s founder Thomas Frank, an Iowa State University student who seems to have set up the site as the foundation for a post-grad career as “a globe-trotting author, speaker, and expert on success in higher education.”

Should Student Journalists Carry Press Passes?

A big question in a year sure to be filled with more Occupy protests & presidential election madness.

Journalism and Media Conferences to Attend in 2012

Back by popular demand, below is an updated list of what I consider to be the most indispensable national-level get-togethers for those who are practicing, teaching, and still learning the craft of journalism. They focus on a variety of skills and media and cover both the educational and professional sides of the field.

In the Spotlight: Nathan Giebel, Carthage College

Last month, reporter Nathan Giebel wrote a pair of pieces for The Current, the student newspaper at Wisconsin’s Carthage College– a news report touching on Carthage’s tuition increase, expenses, and professor salaries and a separate editorial on the college president’s salary. — The pieces themselves were interesting but the real story was embedded within the […]

April Fools’ File: Slideshow of Student Newspaper Satire

Collegemediatopia recently observed April Fools’ Day with its normal celebration of satirical gusto. Below is a montage and links to a smattering of the funnier pieces popping up in student newspapers nationwide and one full-blown satirical publication (hat tips to WashPost Campus Overload and Chronicle of Higher Education). — [slideshow] — Links to individual pieces […]

Mashable: Onward State at PSU a “Sociological Petri Dish”

Onward State‘s legend grows.  A new Mashable post about the Penn State University online outlet describes it as nothing less than a “rogue campus blog” and a “sociological Petri dish”- one that is at the center of an epic “old/new media rivalry.”  The new write-up follows a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report that anointed […]

College Media Story Ideas: A Campus Tour’s Allure, and Lies

As Jenna Johnson writes in her Washington Post Campus Overload blog, “It’s high school spring break season- and if you are a junior (or an overachieving sophomore), chances are you will spend a chunk of your vacation wandering around college campuses with super-enthusiastic, backwards-walking student tour guides.” — — In the spirit of this backwards-walking […]