Want Mac Miller to Perform on Campus? Buy Condoms, Bake Cookies (@AlleghenyCampus @MacMiller)

Condoms. Blue Solo cups (not red, blue). Homemade cookies. Pop-Tarts. Socks. And soup. These items are among performer Mac Miller’s formal requests included in a contract for an upcoming concert at Allegheny College. As a recent Allegheny Campus report by Katie McHugh explains, the requests are part of Miller’s contractual rider.

In the Spotlight: Max Hasan, College Music Correspondent, NextGen Journal

Three major musical buzzwords have emerged this summer among students: Moombahton, Tumblr, and Mac. The first is a genre. The second is a social network. The third is an increasingly popular performer. Max Hasan, NextGen Journal’s music correspondent, regularly tracks the trends, people, and platforms impacting all-things music– especially within the underground and student scenes. He also writes about what he calls “GOOD MUSIC” on his blog The Collab Projekt .