Dying Chivalry, Changing Virginity, Girl Flirting, Lesbian Chic: Student Press Sex, Love & Socializing Stories

Disappearing chivalry. Twenty-first century virgins. Girl flirting. Lesbian chic. Hairy faces. Lust at first sight. Internet porn. Two “Fifty Shades of Grey” smackdowns. And one very expensive condom. Below is a sampling of recent– or at least recently spotted– top-notch student press columns and features on sex, love, and other undergrad socialization tendencies.

Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Open Relationships, Bras, Sex Crimes & Love Triangles (#sex)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love. Open relationships, love triangles, sexual consent, sexy music, and the sexual side effects of so-called happiness drugs all make appearances. Happy Monday!

Funny Student Press Headlines #9: ‘Bananas, Nose-Squashing & Heartbreak’

Today’s sole winner of this recurring giggly headline feature is a doozy published recently atop a column in The Cornell Daily Sun.

Sex and the University: A Sampling of Student Press Love & Sex Stories

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student newspapers nationwide directly tackling sex and love. Facebook dating etiquette, the hook-up culture, student singledom, BDSM, and anal sex all make an appearance. Happy Wednesday!

Daily Californian: Who is the Most ‘Date-able’ 2012 Presidential Candidate?

A fun podcast I just came across within the Opinion section of The Daily Californian’s website debates the date-ability of the major contenders within the 2012 presidential race. Filmed last month, the recording offers several laugh-out-loud moments, including asides about Rick Perry’s probable first date involving “getting drunk on Jack Daniels and going to the county fair” and Michelle Bachman being the “crazy ex who would call you up at all hours.”