Breaking down breaking news

Editors from Ohio State University’s student-run newspaper talk about initial reactions and lessons learned from reporting on an attack on their campus.

How I Got the Job: 7 Questions Answered About Becoming a TV Reporter

San Diego TV reporter shares his path to professional media

Dan Rant: The University of Oklahoma Blacklist & Student Press Censorship

A leading talent agency is declaring war on the student press and good journalism everywhere.

1 Million Story Ideas & Writing Prompts for Student Journalists [Updated Regularly]

An endless, indispensable, inspiring, fun, fun, fun digital fountain of story ideas, being updated in real time.

College Media Podcast #6: Student Press Innovation Efforts, Obstacles

Welcome to the sixth episode of the College Media Podcast. The CMP is a collaborative venture between me and Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media. The podcast’s aim: spotlighting big college media news, standout student press work, and array of helpful and innovative sites, programs, and tech tools. In our most recent episode, recorded Sunday afternoon, we discussed the recent exchange between digital news guru Steve Buttry and I regarding the advantages and challenges embedded within student press innovation efforts.

Advantages, Disadvantages to Student Media Digital Experimentation: My Response to Steve Buttry Report

Student journalists need to start experimenting with digital storytelling more often, more comprehensively, and more boldly, according to Steve Buttry. In a new post for Nieman Journalism Lab, the news innovation guru (whose perspectives I’m really starting to enjoy) contends that “student media have advantages that professional media don’t in experimenting in their pursuit of digital-first prosperity.” Below is Buttry’s complete list of cited advantages, along with my instant analysis of their validity– including the realities and disadvantages that need to be recognized.

Australian Intern’s ‘Notes From a Tabloid Newsroom’ in Student Magazine Causes Stir

The Australian journalism community is agog and aghast at a recent student intern’s description of her brief time in the newsroom at Melbourne’s Herald Sun. In an anonymous piece featured in the latest issue of Farrago, a University of Melbourne campus magazine, the student characterized various Herald Sun staffers as sexist, homophobic, transphobic, perverted, ageist, sizeist, and generally mean-spirited.

Rupert Murdoch’s Daily Confused with University of Washington’s Daily

The Daily, Murdoch’s tablet news operation, is dying. The Daily at UW is doing fine.

The $25,000 Question: Was Daily Helmsman Funding Cut at Memphis Due to Content Concerns?

The University of Memphis has slashed funding for The Daily Helmsman by $25,000 for the upcoming academic year, a full third of the usual financial assistance the paper receives from student activities fees. Some current and former staffers of the campus newspaper view the dramatic cutback as possible retaliation for controversial editorial content.

London Olympics: A Sampling of Student Media Reports

As the world hovers on the precipice of full-blown Olympics madness, college media summer staffers are set to provide continued coverage from the student perspective. Already, in the run-up to the Games, many outlets have profiled their own school’s student, staff, and alumni Olympians. They have also produced more interesting and offbeat news, feature, and commentary pieces touching on everything from Olympics fashion and the treatment of transgender Olympians to sports that deserve an Olympics slot (including Quidditch and yoga) and a fascinating 10-part feature in The Daily Illini on the Olympic dreams of a world-class gymnast that ultimately came up short.

Colorado Movie Massacre: 5 Spin-Off Stories Student Journalists Should Explore

In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colo., movie massacre, the professional news media are presenting an endless stream of stories about the shooting, suspect, victims, weaponry, and the legal and law enforcement processes. Many of the reports are directly or indirectly related to students, faculty, and staff at colleges and universities nationwide. While student media are currently in slowdown or shutdown mode due to summer break— boasting skeleton staffs and reduced publishing schedules — the fall semester should not be considered too late to run stories in some way connected to the horrific event in Colorado. Here are five potentially relevant news angles and spin-off stories student journalists should consider tackling at or near the start of the new school year.

Colorado State’s Rocky Mountain Collegian Quickly Mobilizes, Provides Coverage of Theater Massacre

Student staffers at The Rocky Mountain Collegian deserve kudos this weekend for quickly and impressively mobilizing to cover and reflect upon various newsworthy components of the Colorado movie shooting. Along with a basic recounting of the known facts related to the massacre itself, the Colorado State University campus newspaper has posted stories online focused on CSU student reactions, state gun laws, and the legal gauntlet shooter James Holmes will soon face– the latter based on an interview with a law professor.

Save the Racks!: University of Florida, Alligator Newspaper in Standoff Over Campus Newsstands

An odd end-of-the-week story is emerging from the University of Florida and gaining mainstream news media steam. UF administrators are apparently waging a battle royale against The Independent Florida Alligator over 19 orange news racks that serve as Gator distribution points.

Collegiate Times Editor at Virginia Tech: Paper Does Not Support Anti-Muslim Advertisement

The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech reached out to readers last night, explaining the paper does not support the content of a controversial advertisement published in its current summer print edition. The so-called FLAME ad, created and distributed by the non-profit organization Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME), is a wordy treatise pushing what many agree is an anti-Muslim agenda. In an online letter, CT editor-in-chief Michelle Sutherland confirmed that while staffers don’t agree with the ad’s “underlying message of cultural hatred,” the paper needs the money.

10 Tips for Photojournalism Students: How to Succeed Visually and Financially

The advice comes from famed Miami Herald photojournalist Al Diaz.