Adviser spotlight: David Swartzlander, Doane University

Editor’s note: This is the first in an occasional series that will be spotlight college media advisers and the unique things they are doing. David Swartzlander is a past president of College Media Association. What started as a last-minute idea has become a once-every-four-years tradition for David Swartzlander. Next month, for the fifth time, he […]

Should Student Press Have Covered Obama Inauguration?

The Villanovan, the daily student newspaper at Villanova University, in my beloved hometown of Philadelphia, Pa., USA, did not provide a lot of coverage of the Obama Inauguration.  Some readers complained.  Editors responded, in an intriguing editorial headlined “The Role of a College Newspaper“: —- The Villanovan is and always has been the student paper of […]

Real Story of Inauguration: Live Streaming Video

An open letter to Mindy McAdams, purveyor of online journalism teaching tips and tools and creator of that wonderful timeline noting significant moments in online news reporting:  —— Inauguration Day 2008 was considered historic even before it happened (literally, with imploring Web surfers before the big day to be sure to “Watch History Unfold”).  In the end, however, from […]

Barack Obama, College Journalist

More than 25 years before acceding to the most powerful position in all the land, Barack Obama was a student journalist with an anti-war bent.  In “Breaking The War Mentality,” a March 1983 piece for The Sundial, a weekly magazine at Columbia University, Obama embeds his own obvious anti-war outlook into a profile of a […]

Journalism Students Take Civil Rights Route to Obama Inauguration

Ten j-students at San Jose State University are currently “on a roundabout journey from Memphis to Washington, D.C.,” stopping at a number of iconic sites in America’s civil rights journey. ——– As The San Jose Mercury News reports, the trip came together in the immediate aftermath of the November presidential election.  SJSU journalism professor Michael […]