CMM revisits: Most popular Facebook pages

The volume of work and number of years that Dan dedicated to college media will occasionally give us the opportunity to look back. At the top headlines. At the big stories. At what Dan himself was writing about years ago. Here’s such an example: During this week in 2010, Dan posted, “Ten Student Newspapers Sporting […]

Princeton Review Names Best College Newspapers

The Princeton Review has released its annual listing of the biggest and best at colleges and universities nationwide. Along with rundowns of the top party schools, school athletic facilities, and student radio stations, the Review has named the best U.S. college newspapers.

College Media Overblown Holocaust Award, Fall 2009

This is the fourth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Overblown Holocaust Award: Harvard Crimson In what its editors called “a logistical failure not a philosophical one,” the Harvard Crimson ran a Holocaust denial ad in a single print edition early last semester. It was a production snafu […]

Holocaust Denial Ad in Harvard Crimson Causes Criticism

When I went to bed, it seemed like a highly regrettable minor production snafu. When I awoke, it had apparently become an international incident.  In case you’ve been stuck on no-journalism-allowed island in the last 48 hours: In what its editors are calling a mistake, The Harvard Crimson ran a Holocaust denial ad on page […]

Harvard Crimson Staffers Avoiding Journalism Upon Graduation

The media and blogosphere have picked up on and overexuberantly parsed recent news that a majority of the graduating seniors sitting on The Harvard Crimson‘s executive board are NOT looking to pursue a journalism career.  Their collective decision is seemingly being heralded as yet one more small-scale sign that the journalism apocalypse is upon us. […]