USC’s Neon Tommy Shows Journalism 2.0’s True Colors

Neon Tommy is an online news outlet built atop public service more than staff pay, “stories that nobody has heard before” more than parroting headlines of the day, and possessing “a certain blue-collar sensibility” wedded blissfully with new media’s rough-and-tumble gung-ho. — The USC news site is the new flagship enterprise of the larger Annenberg […]

Student Editor: “Journalism Industry, Pay Attention to Us”

Last week, Amanda Litman laid the smack down.  In a piece for Huffington Post College, the North by Northwestern editor sounded the call I have been making since starting this blog- although definitely in a more confrontational tone than I normally take. :-) — “Hey, journalism industry: pay attention to us,” she begins her admirably […]

Print Journalism Track Converged in New UNLV Curriculum

The end may be near for print journalism, the professional field and the academic major.  The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies at UNLV is the latest j-school or program to announce a curricular reshuffle that includes an ink-stained goodbye to the print journalism concentration. — What used to be four tracks (print […]

A Note of Thanks to USC, Annenberg for ‘& Journalism’

During this time of thanks, I want to offer a sincere thank you to the University of Southern California. In early October, USC announced that its Annenberg School for Communication was being renamed the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. — In this era of uber-uncertainty and declining professional prospects within the industry, the school’s […]

J-Student Spotlight: Amy Brittain, LSU & UWIRE 100

Amy Brittain is not a millionaire, but she did aspire to be one on TV.  At 19, she appeared on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and pocketed $16,000 in prize money.  Her real passion and talent, however, is sports, not games. — As a sports writer for The Daily Reveille at Louisiana State University, […]

Emerald Publisher Hired Four Months After Strike About Hiring a Publisher

More than four months after staffers at The Emerald, the University of Oregon student newspaper, staged a high-profile, socially-networked strike over the hiring of an outside publisher, an outside publisher (with an insider’s credibility) has been named. — According to The Eugene Register-Guard, the student paper’s board voted unaminously to hire Kellee Weinhold after a […]

Oh Journalism School, How We Love/Loathe Thee: Part 17,689

Two recent pieces brought journalists’ love/hate relationship with journalism school back into the spotlight.  In the hate camp, Richard Sine writes on HuffPo with exasperated astonishment that anyone would pay for a journalism education given the current state of the economy and field. — In his piece, headlined subtly “Close the J-Schools,” Sine opines, “These […]

Michigan State J-Student Reacts to J-School Drama

The latest chapter in the ongoing Michigan State journalism school saga: Pamela Whitten, dean of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences, has staged a behind-closed-doors “pep talk” with j-faculty and requested suggestions on possible replacements for current j-school chair Jane Briggs-Bunting, who Whitten recently asked to resign.  Whitten has also promised to meet with […]

Daily Nexus Editor: Print Newspaper Still in Play on Campus

I received an excellent comment recently from Mackenzie Weinger, editor in chief of the esteemed Daily Nexus at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She further confirms a truth I’ve fought hard to get recognized over the past year (through this blog and via a chat with CICM’s Bryan Murley): College students are still reading […]

Michael Jackson Death Coverage NOT a New Media Triumph

Every major breaking story nowadays comes with a seemingly instant meta-analysis of how new media have fared while impacting the story’s coverage. Case in point: a CNN piece about the Michael Jackson death gossip-mongering news coverage. — My take: This is NOT a story that symbolizes new media’s shining greatness. In fact, they are hardly […]

Michigan Daily, Time to Step Up, Due to the (Lack of) Competition

The Ann Arbor News will cease being a daily newspaper starting in late July, according to a new Poynter report.  It will reemerge as a more svelte online-only operation publishing a print paper twice a week.  The reason this latest newspaper-bad-news headline stands out amid the predicted print reckoning is that it will leave Ann […]

Should Indy Student Photographer Have Legal Protection?

A student unaffiliated with any campus or professional media outlet is arguing that the photos he took of a crime scene last April cannot be confiscated by police.  Why?  According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, he says he was a freelance journalist while taking the photos. — Hmmmm.  It is an interesting dilemma.  Are you a journalist […]

Report: Journalism Grad Students Getting Jobs . . . in Journalism

A new Daily Finance report confirms that a very healthy number of journalism students earning degrees from graduate programs at Columbia University and City University of New York are finding jobs in the j-field.  “As bad as things are in the media industry, j-school grads are, far more often than not, finding jobs,” the report states.  […]

Student Newspaper Dropping to Twice a Week in Print

The Western Herald at Western Michigan University is cutting two days per week from its print publication schedule,  a cost-cutting, future-focused move I imagine I will be writing about a lot this summer.  — As The Kalamazoo Gazette reports, the paper’s normal print run during the school year is Monday through Thursday.  Now, it will just be Monday AND Thursday.  Online content […]

Student Journalism “On Life Support” in UK

I promise to present some cheery news soon.  As it stands, the reports and asides coming in recently have competed for the title of bleakest.  The latest is awfully bloody bad news for student newspapers across the pond.  According to a new nationwide survey, campus papers in England are suffering crisis-level cash flow problems. — […]