Student Paper Forced to Go Through Single Campus Source

Student media censorship is a many-speckled beast.  Straight-up rejection of content by misguided overseers is the most iconic, well-known tactic, but it is far from the most common.  The work of most censors is much more subtle, indirect, and clouded enough to enable the content-restricters to claim no wrongdoing at all. — The Chart was […]

Utah Chronicle Staffers in Trouble for Vulgar Goodbye Issue

Administrators at the University of Utah have threatened to hold the academic records, transcripts, and degrees of nine soon-to-graduate senior staffers at The Daily Utah Chronicle.  The reason: A series of editorials run in the newspaper’s goodbye issue that had a bit of less-than-subtle vulgarity squeezed into their otherwise innocuous words. — As the SPLC reports, […]

The Breeze, a Storm: Student Press Freedom Torn at JMU

“Eww . . . Disgusting.”  “Like a journalistic terror attack.”  “You say tomato, I say Gestapo.” Those are just a few of the many, many outraged responses I have received about the Rodney-King-style beatdown of college press freedom at James Madison University. — As you have probably read by now, police and a county prosecutor […]

Alcohol Ads Not Allowed in Campus Newspapers in Virginia

Happy hour is not allowed yet for college newspapers in Virginia- at least within their advertising.  One of the strangest student press restrictions has been upheld by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. — The majority ruling confirms the validity of a law severely restricting the rights of student newspapers at Virginia colleges and […]

Oregon State Not Liable for Limiting Student Newspaper’s Distribution on Campus

This just in: A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Oregon State University claiming the school effectively censored a conservative student newspaper by limiting its distribution on campus. — As I first reported last June, the student editor of The Liberty had claimed aggrieved status because the publication was forced to distribute copies in only a […]

Kansas Student Body President: Cut Daily Kansan’s Funding

Mason Heilman, the student body president at the University of Kansas, is publicly calling for a cut to the campus media portion of the school’s student fees, a move that would shed $83,000 from the budget of the The Daily Kansan. As the Kansan itself reports with admirable objectivity and restraint, his proposal is not […]

Daily Californian Staffer Arrested at Protest, But Gets Story

Student journalist Cameron Burns was recently manhandled by police, handcuffed, tossed to the ground, and bussed off to jail. But he got the story. Late last week, the eighteen-year-old multimedia producer for The Daily Californian at the University of California, Berkeley, joined a large group of anarchists marching roughly eight miles from Berkeley to Oakland to […]

Showdown at the Blacksburg Corral: Virginia Tech, The Collegiate Times, and Anonymous Online Comments, Part 3

The battle at Virginia Tech over the student newspaper’s allowance of anonymous online comments is far from over.  (Read past posts on this story here and here.)  The tactics now in play- an increasingly dubious blame game, pulled advertising, and, ironically, “professional mediation.” — The latest Roanoke Times report (please read, it will make your […]

Update: No Funding Cuts for Collegiate Times After All

First, the threats.  Next, the bad press.  Now, the retreat.  After a quick burst of mostly negative media attention nationwide and the specter of a brewing legal battle, Virginia Tech officials are backing down from their earlier call for funding cuts to the Collegiate Times student newspaper. — As the Roanoke Times reports, “Virginia Tech will […]

Virginia Tech May Cut Collegiate Times Funding Due to Paper’s Online Comments Policy (?!)

Administrators at Virginia Tech are threatening to cut the funding of The Collegiate Times student newspaper and other campus media due to their distaste for the paper’s allowance of anonymous comments following stories posted online. — As the Roanoke Times reports, the university’s Commission on Student Affairs is declaring that the paper’s failure to oversee and […]

Free Press Fights Continue in Los Angeles, Illinois

Spring semester is now upon us, and a new set of free press fights are in bloom.  First up: The Student Press Law Center has penned, signed, and sent a smackdown of a letter to the president of Los Angeles City College, outlining an array of dismaying administrative tactics aimed at controlling content in the […]

Best College Media Quotes, Fall 2009

This is the sixth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Best College Media Quotes “Besides being illegal, heavy-handed control of college student publications is widely recognized both as unethical and as an unsound educational practice that deprives students of valuable learning opportunities. . . […]

Student Newspaper Drops ‘He Said/She Said’ Column After Harassment Charge

The Fairfield Mirror has agreed to permanently drop its provocative “He Said/She Said” feature more than two months after Fairfield University students filed harassment charges against the newspaper for publishing a controversial “He Said” column that some felt “promot[ed] rape and violence against women.” — The newspaper’s senior executive board announced in a public letter […]

Schools Fight Back!: James Madison Charges Student Journalists, Butler Sues Student Blogger

At James Madison University, it started with a peeping tom– an alleged creep watching girls in dorm showers. It’s now ending with administrative idiocy. A student reporter with The Breeze, JMU’s campus newspaper, went to a JMU dorm recently to speak with students about a reported shower stalker. An RA became nervous and asked the […]

Media Adviser’s Removal at Morgan State Criticized as Censorship

According to a College Media Advisers investigation, the firing of the student media adviser at Morgan State University appears to be linked to editorials and stories published in the campus newspaper this past spring that criticized the Morgan State administration. — In an excellent investigation into the incident on behalf of CMA, Chris Evans, media […]