Tulane Hullabaloo Files Lawsuit to Obtain Superdome Football Game Attendance Records

Tulane University is planning to build a 25,000-seat sports stadium on its New Orleans campus. Will it fill up during home football games? The Tulane Hullabaloo is suing to help find out. The student newspaper has filed a lawsuit to obtain “turnstile attendance records” for Tulane football games played at the New Orleans Superdome, which serves as the current de facto home field for the Green Waves gridiron squad.

After Giants Super Bowl Win, Columbia University Student Suggests ‘Let’s All Take the Day Off’

In the wake of the New York Giants come-from-behind Super Bowl win, Columbia Daily Spectator staffer Jim Pagels has a bold suggestion for Columbia University administrators: Declare Monday a school holiday.

Yale University Patrick Witt Scandal: 10 Questions About the Yale Daily News & New York Times Decisions

The Yale University-Patrick Witt scandal debate is an absolute inferno at the moment in the lands of college and media. It has the public in an online commenting tizzy. It has pitted current and former members of the Yale Daily News against one another in a very public, cringe-worthy way. And it has sharply divided journalists at the country’s top two professional newspapers.

The Onward State Joe Paterno Death Error Saga: The Complete Storify

In the wake of the Onward State Joe Paterno death error saga, I have put together a Storify providing a full listing of relevant links that collectively lay out the gist of what happened and the larger lessons we can hopefully all take away. The hope is that it might be a helpful resource for j-students, student media staffers, and their advisers and profs.

Alabama’s Crimson White Offers Interesting Take on Paterno Legacy re: Bear Bryant (@TheCrimsonWhite)

In a piece published earlier today, The Crimson White at the University of Alabama offers an interesting take on the death and legacy of longtime Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno. CW staffer Rich Robinson reports from the perspective of UA and Tuscaloosa, where similarly beloved coach Bear Bryant died close to 30 years ago.

Penn State’s Daily Collegian Publishes Special Edition on Joe Paterno (@DailyCollegian #PSU)

The Daily Collegian has published a special commemorative edition honoring longtime Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno. Related pieces touch on Paterno’s upbringing and early coaching career, his devotion to family and charities, the reactions of his former players, and the scandal that overwhelmed his final days.

Penn State’s Daily Collegian: ‘Messages to Joe Paterno’

In a video report completed last night and shared moments ago, Daily Collegian staffer Kelley King asks students gathered at the statue of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno a single question: “If you could say one thing to Joe Paterno right now, what would it be?” The responses are especially touching amid word this morning that Paterno died overnight in the hospital.

Onward State Editor at Penn State Resigns After Mistaken Scoop About Paterno’s Death

Devon Edwards, the managing editor of Onward State at Penn State University, has suddenly resigned. The resignation comes hours after the online student news outlet mistakenly reported that former PSU head football coach Joe Paterno had died from lung cancer.

Baylor Lariat Publishes Special ‘Heisman Issue’ in Honor of Quarterback Robert Griffin III

The Baylor Lariat, the student newspaper at Baylor University, produced a special four-page “Heisman Issue” this past weekend to commemorate the selection of Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III as the winner of college football’s highest honor.