College Media Geeks: Emily Bloch, Florida Atlantic University

She battles bad writing, plagiarists and zombies and freelances on the side

University Press Editor: FAU Media Relations ‘Don’t Know What Good News is Anymore’

University Press editor-in-chief Ryan Cortes believes his newsmagazine– and by extension students at Florida Atlantic University– are being given the run-around by the FAU Department of Media Relations.

College Media Hall of Fame, Class of 2011: Michael Koretzky, Educator and Journo Terrorist At-Large

Michael Koretzky is an inspiration, an admirable rabble-rouser, and an admitted journoterrorist. The Florida Atlantic University students who have worked with him at The University Press speak of him in reverential terms as a mix between Cronkite and Don King– trustworthy, with an intoxicating side of flash.

Florida Atlantic Student Journalists Create Newspaper Without Computers: ‘OMG WTF?’

Student journalists at Florida Atlantic University are in the midst of a grand experiment in good ol’-fashioned journalism. Through some funding from The Society of Professional Journalists and under the direction of beloved-former-adviser-forever-guru Michael Koretzky, staffers at The University Press are putting out an issue sans Internet, computers or high-tech tools of any kind.