Must-See Video: Daily Show Segment ‘Investigating Investigative Journalism’

Check out The Daily Show segment “Investigating Investigative Journalism.” I first spotted this video on my Facebook News Feed last night, posted by a journalism friend along with the message: “This is equal parts LULZ and TEARS.”

Year in Review: Most Viral Student Media of 2012, Part 1

Allegations of Ivy League hazing. Alice in Wonderland on LSD. A Biblical studies professor busted in a child predator sting. A student squirrel whisperer. A 280-pound black bear falling from a tree. And something called milking. These buzzwords and teaser descriptions factor into a few of the many viral creations published or posted by college media over the past year. The student press was responsible for an especially high number of viral reports, columns, videos, photos, headlines, and tweets in 2012. Collectively, their moments in the digital spotlight offer a fascinating foundation for a student press year in review– a glimpse at what was especially popular, controversial, funny, unexpected, and out of control. In that spirit, here is a chronological rundown of top college media moments and content that blew up online in 2012.

20 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Student Journalists

Here is a starter list of 20 must-follow Twitter feeds– specifically those that will help students learn the craft and keep up with what journalists are debating, enjoying and attempting to understand on a daily basis. Some feature journalism, media and technology news. Others offer advice and job and internship listings. And still others are kept by journalists and big thinkers whose new media maxims, mindsets and methods are worth emulating. The must-follow feeds are listed in alphabetical order.

College Media Memes: Pinterest, the Inverted Pyramid, Campus Paper Adviser of the Year & the 3-Source Rule

In the midst of academia’s continued overwhelming meme madness, I have been putting together a growing list of memes focused specifically on collegemediatopia– its student staffers, faculty advisers, digital tools (and distractions), and style rules. Below is a glimpse at what will hopefully soon be a gargantuan list featured on College Media Memes.

10 Funny College Memes: Adderall, Dorm Bathroom Habits, High Tuition Complaints & More

As I’ve posted previously, the story of the month so far: college memes. Campus-specific memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. A rash of student media reports and social media chatter confirm that undergraduates’ online experiences are now hovering between “meme madness” and full-blown “meme mania.”

College Memes Mania Continues: Check Out My PBS MediaShift Rundown

College memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. As The Cherwell, Oxford University’s student newspaper, explains, the meme is “an idea or behavior that spreads through a culture by imitation. Internet memes follow this principle, humorous images are copied and re-captioned, concisely describing or satirizing the activity of an individual or group.” Building on its burgeoning popularity in recent years on sites such as Reddit and 4chan and via viral creations like LOLcats and Rickrolling, the Internet meme has been rapidly and rabidly adopted by undergraduates since the start of last week.

College and University Meme Pages: A Starter Guide

As I confirmed in a post yesterday, campus-specific memes are suddenly invading the Facebook streams of students at schools nationwide. Building on its general popularity in recent years as a quick-hit form of entertainment and commentary, the Internet meme has gone explosively viral among the student set since the start of the month.

Student TV Comedy Sketch ‘Rape is Funny’ Triggers Major Criticism, Protests at UCONN

A rape parody sketch that aired earlier this week on an independent student-run television station at the University of Connecticut is spurring massive campus controversy and growing media attention. The production– which I’ve seen referenced by the titles “Rape is Funny” and “Evil Blue Light”– ran during a comedy program on UCTV called “Shenanigans.” It was also featured on UCTV’s website like all other programming.

2011 Year in Review: Top News Stories, Tweets, Search Terms, Baby Names

While December may argue about being given short shrift, the year in review bonanza has begun in earnest. Lists are being unveiled ranking the top news stories, sports stories, religion stories, style trends, scandals, tweets, search terms, and baby names, along with the most shared stories on Facebook.

Google+: Social Media Upstart ‘Worse Than a Ghost Town’

I wanted to log on to Google+. I swear I did. But the thought of it made me tired. I recently wrote a piece for PBS MediaShift. Like I’ve done for past pieces and many of the posts on this blog, I carried out all the expected social media promotion.

You Know You Stink at Digital Journalism When…: Part 2!

Late last month, I premiered “You know you stink at digital journalism when…” It’s a fun feature that is nothing more than a list of completions to the sentence in the headline of this post. Idealistically, I saw it as a possible starting point for a future class session. But mostly, I just wanted to see what I could conjure up. Back by popular demand, here is part two.

Holocaust Satire Article Prompts Apology; Purdue Students on “Hotseat”

I have been sitting on a scattered mix of news items.  Some are current, some a bit dated.  Before all become stale, here are a few: — An article joking about the start of a new U.S.-based Holocaust that ran last month in a satirical newspaper put out by Reed College students has spurred criticism […]

Story Idea: Student Newspaper Presents Editorial as Facebook News Feed

It is Student Life day here at CMM! I am not talking about undergraduates’ beyond-class campus experiences, but the scrappy student newspaper at Washington University in St. Louis.  The pub is currently soaking in the national spotlight for its fantastic coverage of a major event (more on that in a moment). — But on a […]

Three Alaska Journalism Students Will Soon See Iraq From Their House

A trio of students at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks- joined by UAF’s journalism department chair- will very soon be embedded in Iraq for a true reporting experience of a lifetime (for once, not an understatement). — The quartet will report for The Sun Star student newspaper and professional media outlets, along with getting […]

Minnesota Daily Snags Attention Through Facebook App

The Minnesota Daily may be on the leading edge of the latest Facebook app revolution, this one with a journalism twist.  “Minnesota Daily on Facebook” (see screenshot below) is engaging readers to check out the student pub’s Web site, share stories with friends, and write letters to the editors in exchange for prizes. — A […]