Oklahoma State’s Muff-Gate: Why the Media Professors Are Wrong (#OKState @OColly)

My take: In the journalism universe I inhabit, you stand by your students.

Yale University Patrick Witt Scandal: 10 Questions About the Yale Daily News & New York Times Decisions

The Yale University-Patrick Witt scandal debate is an absolute inferno at the moment in the lands of college and media. It has the public in an online commenting tizzy. It has pitted current and former members of the Yale Daily News against one another in a very public, cringe-worthy way. And it has sharply divided journalists at the country’s top two professional newspapers.

Debate at Missouri’s School of Journalism: Should Students Be Allowed to Work for Multiple Media Outlets?

A public debate is currently playing out among some profs, alums, and students within the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism centered on a student press conflict of interest. The basic question at the debate’s core: Should students be allowed to work for multiple, possibly competing campus media at the same time?

SMU Daily Campus: ‘Why We Endorse Candidates’

The endorsing of political candidates prior to elections is a journalistic tradition older than the inverted pyramid and Larry King, combined. Many college newspapers trod a similar endorsement path with student government candidates- penning editorials prior to campus elections spotlighting the contenders they feel will be the best holders of particular offices.

Kansas Student Body President: Cut Daily Kansan’s Funding

Mason Heilman, the student body president at the University of Kansas, is publicly calling for a cut to the campus media portion of the school’s student fees, a move that would shed $83,000 from the budget of the The Daily Kansan. As the Kansan itself reports with admirable objectivity and restraint, his proposal is not […]

Eternal Ethical Question: A Student (Journalist’s) Identity

One of the oldest student journalism ethical tightropes unfurled with a bit of a new media twist recently at Cornell University. As Cornell Daily Sun public editor Rob Tricchinelli explained in his excellent write-up on the situation: — Mike Wacker ’10 is a Sun columnist whose ‘Wack Attack’ column appears alternate Wednesdays. Wacker recently arranged […]

Racial Slur Leads to Student Media Funding Freeze at UCSD

A “racial state of emergency” has been declared and funding for all school-supported student media has been frozen at the University of California, San Diego in the immediate aftermath of a racist campus event coupled with a televised racist slur. — Late last week, the editor of the Koala, a controversial UCSD student humor newspaper […]

Student Newspaper Drops Rising Death Toll from Front Page

The new blog is happening- aiming for a post-Labor-Day debut.  In the meantime, a death toll is missing.  In a recent staff editorial, eds. at The Daily Toreador, the student newspaper at Texas Tech, announced that the paper will no longer publish a tally of soldiers killed in fighting in Iraq on its front page. […]

Plagiarism Equals Expulsion for Once Mighty Mac Arthur

The Independent Florida Alligator has verified it, with the help of UF’s journalism department chair: If confirmed, UF rising junior Hailey Mac Arthur’s NYT’s love-fest/plagiarism will result in her expulsion from the College of Journalism and Communications.  (What about from the university or the journalism field in general or from America or Second Life or the […]

Florida Journalism Student Fired for Plagiarizing Stories from New York Times

Somewhere, Tim Tebow is shaking his fists with rage.  In a case of either sheer unethical boldness or unbelievable ignorance, a University of Florida journalism student has sullied the UF championship facade- plagiarizing parts of articles she wrote as an intern for a Colorado newspaper from none other than the New York freakin’ Times.  (As […]

To Save or Delete? That is the Question

Aug. 19, 2008 – A Shakespeare-level drama is unfolding at Seattle Pacific University–minus an s.   About 10 years ago, SPU student Shakespear Farwythian was arrested for alleged sexual assault. He was suspended from school. The Falcon, the student newspaper, published a story about the incident. The charge was later dropped. The original Falcon story […]