Covering Trump

The staff of the Iowa State Daily worked until the early hours of the morning on Election Night. They soon learned that their coverage of Donald Trump’s victory was just getting started.

Racist Obama Leaflets Slipped Into Lehigh’s Brown & White

“Your president is black. How does that make you feel?”   A leaflet with those words were slipped inside hundreds of copies of The Brown and White student newspaper at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University last week, without editors’ knowledge or permission. The paper’s EIC noted: “Probably someone came around and stuffed them in into each copy. […]

Columbia J-Students Get Exclusive Access to Obama Rally

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos that Columbia College Chicago j-students captured during Obama’s already-historic Grant Park Election Night rally.  Undergrads working with Columbia’s student newspaper and student radio station were the only college student media granted official access to the day-and-night event, which the student paper called “Obamapalooza”     Only two videos are featured on the site.  […]

Obama Cartoon in Daily Wildcat Called ‘Racist, Offensive’

Charges of racism have been levied against The Arizona Daily Wildcat at the University of Arizona after the paper ran a political cartoon in its Wednesday issue that included the N-word. The syndicated cartoon, headlined in part “Stories from the Campaign Trail,” recounted an actual recent event in which a Pennsylvania couple told a canvasser they intended to vote for “the n—–” for president, in respect to their apparent support for Barack Obama. A screenshot of the cartoon is below, with the offending word in two bottom panels blurred.