Student Journalist’s Resume Goes Viral, Changes the World

On Friday, J-School Buzz posted a screenshot of Spurlock’s work on its own site and The Huffington Post with the header, “Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever?” The post quickly went viral with a virility that would make Antoine Dodson and that David After Dentist kid blush.

All-In-One Website Combines Every Student Media Outlet

The student newspaper, magazine, yearbook, and broadcast news outlet at Indiana’s Franklin College have merged and converged into a single “comprehensive media experience.”     Yes, I think that description is a bit hokey too, but the idea behind the new all-in-one Web site, The Franklin Online, does raise an interesting question: Is there value in having student journalists at […]

Con•ver•gence: Defining a (Not So) New (Media) Buzzword

It’s official: The Shield, The Edge, and Access USI are coming together.  All it took was a new media revolution.  The student newspaper (Shield), the student-run radio station (Edge), and the student TV station (Access) at the University of Southern Indiana are converging on-the-go this semester, presenting a pair of new multiplatform projects while figuring out what works […]