Supreme Court nominee has college media background

President Donald Trump on Tuesday selected Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated nearly one year ago by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch, who has served as a federal appeals court judge since 2006, is a Columbia University graduate and its student newspaper the Columbia Spectator covered the announcement. The story, […]

Journalism Grad School: 16 Tips for Picking the Right Program, Applying & Getting Accepted

Questions to ask: Does it feel like home? Can I afford it? Is it a good networking base?

Student Press Headlines That Make Me Giggle: Columbia University’s ‘War on Fun’ (Columbia Spectator)

Columbia University is conducting a comprehensive, convoluted “war on fun.”  In a recent op-ed in The Columbia Spectator, Héctor González calls it “a war so pointless you’d think Bush declared it.” According to González, “[I]t’s really easy to get in trouble at this school: Just act your age. If you partake in any teenage tomfoolery, […]

Weird College News: Turtle Racing, Duck Killing & Laundry Room Chicken

A University of New Mexico staffer apparently beat a duck to death earlier this summer with a metal trash grabber– and tossed eggs from its nest in a pond. When confronted by an eyewitness– who wrote a letter this week to The Daily Lobo– the assailant said she was simply following school policy and cleaning up the nest’s mess.

More Sex, Sex, Sex in the Student Press

Sex has been the story of the student press for the past decade, for better and worse. Sex columns and sex issues in college newspapers and full-blown campus sex magazines have appeared with increasing regularity and as increasingly risqué at or near campuses nationwide and into Canada (and even India!). ————– ————– The newest student […]