Be Careful Student Sports Reporters, Your School May Have an In-Game Tweet Limit

Journalists are currently abuzz about the University of Washington men’s basketball team– not for its play but for how it’s allowed to be covered. Athletics officials at the school recently told a local sports reporter to stop live-tweeting so much during an early season game. The weird warning revealed a new official rule instituted for all live coverage of UW games by outside press– 20 tweets tops at basketball games and no more than 45 tweets during football games. It is the latest sports reporting body blow at the college level brought to light this semester.

College Sports, Student Journalism, and School Spirit

The campus press and the campus athletics program have long co-existed at the epicenter of student life at schools worldwide.  Think about it: What other two entities on a typical campus bring students together as passionately and as regularly, entertains them or informs them quite as well, and creates a collective college experience that goes […]

College Media Story Ideas: Branding and College Watergates

Forget Soundsliding, podcasting, vlogging, geotagging, and a-Twitterin’. New media tools are important, but without kick-ass content Journalism 2.0 is still deader than Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acting career (seriously, what happened to him?). Everything journalism was, is and will be rests on our ability to tell a story. And every story starts with idea. ————- Below […]