Best College Newspapers: 2014 Ranking Released by Princeton Review

The Yale Daily News, The Daily Orange & The Cornell Daily Sun are the top three student pubs.

1 Million Story Ideas & Writing Prompts for Student Journalists [Updated Regularly]

An endless, indispensable, inspiring, fun, fun, fun digital fountain of story ideas, being updated in real time.

Penn State Daily Collegian Names Entire ‘Sandusky Scandal’ Staff to Paper’s Hall of Fame

The entire 2011-2012 editorial and business staff of The Daily Collegian at Penn State University has been named to the paper’s Hall of Fame. It is an honor almost exclusively given to individual staffers. Longtime Collegian general manager Patti Hartranft announced the special selection this past Saturday night at a formal dinner in State College, Pa., part of a weekend-long alumni reunion celebrating the paper’s 125th anniversary.

Dan’s Journey to Iraq: A Student Press Adventure, Part 7, “Kurdistan’s Story” (Conclusion)

Early last year, I began writing about The AUIS Voice, the first independent student newspaper in post-Saddam Iraq.

The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press, Part One

“One Team, One Newspaper” — The Founding of Iraq’s Independent Student Press — Part One: “THIS is a Newspaper” — Zimnaku Mohammed Saleh lost his family, fled his homeland, and adopted a new identity– all before he could walk and talk.  As a four-month-old living in Halabja, Iraq, Saleh was one of the residents fortunate […]

Headline Has Double Meaning in Health Care Plan Article

This is not a singling out of the student newspaper whose front page is pictured below.  It is simply a reminder that even the best of editorial intentions at times go awry.  Spot the (hopefully) unintended double entendre in the main header? —

April Fools’ File: Slideshow of Student Newspaper Satire

Collegemediatopia recently observed April Fools’ Day with its normal celebration of satirical gusto. Below is a montage and links to a smattering of the funnier pieces popping up in student newspapers nationwide and one full-blown satirical publication (hat tips to WashPost Campus Overload and Chronicle of Higher Education). — [slideshow] — Links to individual pieces […]

Student Editor: When Did Our Op-Eds Become So Boring?

Sara Gatling, editor in chief of The College Voice at Mercer County Community College, has a message for her j-student peers: Spice it up! As she writes, “As I gathered and read hundreds of different college newspapers that were on display at the College Media Advisors Convention (CMA) in New York over spring break, I […]

Student Newspaper Column on Rape Spurs Apology, Debate

One of the most high-profile controversies in collegemediatopia so far this semester is currently playing out at American University. The 30-second recap of the past six days: Controversial column touching on rape published in campus newspaper.  Outraged students and online readers.  Strong words of protest and even some newspaper trashing.  Media coverage.  Statements issued by the […]

Student Newspaper at Alberta Apologizes for “Racist Jokes”

The editor in chief of The Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta, is apologizing for a satirical feature in the newspaper that included comments some readers found racially insensitive toward a pair of Indian students. — According to a Vancouver Sun report, the paper publishes an annual satire piece aimed at mocking […]

Update: KU Student Senate Finance Committee Votes to Cut Daily Kansan Funding

The Student Senate Finance Committee at Kansas University has fired the first real shot amid the increasingly heated war of words regarding funding for The Daily Kansan student newspaper. — As I first blogged about late last week, the Daily Kansan is facing a potential cut of $83,000 to its budget.  Why?  Because some members […]

NC State Technician: “The Paper Needs Your Help”

In a rather shocking new editorial, the few remaining staff of The Technician, the student newspaper at North Carolina State University, have issued an extraordinarily blunt public assessment of the newspaper’s weaknesses.  The basic premise: Help us, or very soon we will not exist. — As the editorial began, “Technician is looking down the business […]

Kansas Student Body President: Cut Daily Kansan’s Funding

Mason Heilman, the student body president at the University of Kansas, is publicly calling for a cut to the campus media portion of the school’s student fees, a move that would shed $83,000 from the budget of the The Daily Kansan. As the Kansan itself reports with admirable objectivity and restraint, his proposal is not […]

Daily Californian Staffer Arrested at Protest, But Gets Story

Student journalist Cameron Burns was recently manhandled by police, handcuffed, tossed to the ground, and bussed off to jail. But he got the story. Late last week, the eighteen-year-old multimedia producer for The Daily Californian at the University of California, Berkeley, joined a large group of anarchists marching roughly eight miles from Berkeley to Oakland to […]

Exclusive: Optimist Editor at Abilene Christian University Explains the Paper’s iPad Plan

The Optimist student newspaper at Abilene Christian University can be consumed in print, online, via iPhone, iPod touch, and soon enough . . . on the iPad.  Student staffers and an ACU faculty and staff support team are optimistic that the paper will be the first iPad-friendly student publication. — As MacNewsWorld reports, “Designing a […]