Breaking down breaking news

Editors from Ohio State University’s student-run newspaper talk about initial reactions and lessons learned from reporting on an attack on their campus.

Emerson College Student Group Accuses Berkeley Beacon of Bias Over Unpublished Op-Ed

An interesting journalism ethics battle is being waged at Boston’s Emerson College over an unpublished op-ed. Student members of something called Emerson Progressives and Radicals in Defense of Employees (PRIDE) claim editors of The Berkeley Beacon attempted to change the stance of an op-ed submitted to the paper so that it aligned more with their opinions. Beacon editors deny the charge.

Student Newspaper’s Lawsuit Against Oregon State Moving Forward

A years-long newsbin and free press fight has reemerged at Oregon State University. It involves OSU administrators, a conservative campus newspaper, and what one side sees as censorship and the other as simple enforcement of school rules.

Student Newspaper’s $16 Million Investigation Hits $3,000 Wall

David Schick spent months on a $16 million story– before hitting a nearly $3,000 wall. In Schick’s words, “The wall took the form of exorbitant Open Records Act costs.” Since late last spring semester, the editor-in-chief of The Collegian has been investigating a $16 million budget deficit at Georgia Perimeter College and the accompanying controversial removal of the school president. Over the summer, a new number entered– and has continued to partially hold up– Schick’s investigation: $2,963.39. GPC administrators initially charged the Collegian that amount to fulfill a standard open records request for documents related to the budget turmoil.

40 More Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Journalism Students

Certain sources sporting active Twitter feeds are especially valuable to journalism students. Building off the accounts featured in part one, here is an additional set of 40 must-follow Twitter feeds.

College Media Podcast #6: Student Press Innovation Efforts, Obstacles

Welcome to the sixth episode of the College Media Podcast. The CMP is a collaborative venture between me and Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media. The podcast’s aim: spotlighting big college media news, standout student press work, and array of helpful and innovative sites, programs, and tech tools. In our most recent episode, recorded Sunday afternoon, we discussed the recent exchange between digital news guru Steve Buttry and I regarding the advantages and challenges embedded within student press innovation efforts.

College Media Podcast #1: A Red & Black Breakdown

Welcome to the first edition of the College Media Podcast. The CMP is a new collaborative venture between me and the Center for Innovation in College Media’s Bryan Murley. In upcoming episodes, we plan to spotlight big college media news, standout student press work, and array of helpful and innovative sites, programs, and tech tools.

The $25,000 Question: Was Daily Helmsman Funding Cut at Memphis Due to Content Concerns?

The University of Memphis has slashed funding for The Daily Helmsman by $25,000 for the upcoming academic year, a full third of the usual financial assistance the paper receives from student activities fees. Some current and former staffers of the campus newspaper view the dramatic cutback as possible retaliation for controversial editorial content.

Weird College News: Turtle Racing, Duck Killing & Laundry Room Chicken

A University of New Mexico staffer apparently beat a duck to death earlier this summer with a metal trash grabber– and tossed eggs from its nest in a pond. When confronted by an eyewitness– who wrote a letter this week to The Daily Lobo– the assailant said she was simply following school policy and cleaning up the nest’s mess.

Colorado State’s Rocky Mountain Collegian Quickly Mobilizes, Provides Coverage of Theater Massacre

Student staffers at The Rocky Mountain Collegian deserve kudos this weekend for quickly and impressively mobilizing to cover and reflect upon various newsworthy components of the Colorado movie shooting. Along with a basic recounting of the known facts related to the massacre itself, the Colorado State University campus newspaper has posted stories online focused on CSU student reactions, state gun laws, and the legal gauntlet shooter James Holmes will soon face– the latter based on an interview with a law professor.

Collegiate Times Editor at Virginia Tech: Paper Does Not Support Anti-Muslim Advertisement

The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech reached out to readers last night, explaining the paper does not support the content of a controversial advertisement published in its current summer print edition. The so-called FLAME ad, created and distributed by the non-profit organization Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME), is a wordy treatise pushing what many agree is an anti-Muslim agenda. In an online letter, CT editor-in-chief Michelle Sutherland confirmed that while staffers don’t agree with the ad’s “underlying message of cultural hatred,” the paper needs the money.

College Media Memes: Pinterest, the Inverted Pyramid, Campus Paper Adviser of the Year & the 3-Source Rule

In the midst of academia’s continued overwhelming meme madness, I have been putting together a growing list of memes focused specifically on collegemediatopia– its student staffers, faculty advisers, digital tools (and distractions), and style rules. Below is a glimpse at what will hopefully soon be a gargantuan list featured on College Media Memes.

College Media Hall of Fame, Class of 2011: Connor Toohill, NextGen Journal Editor-in-Chief

Connor Toohill is the student media maven of the moment. The Notre Dame University sophomore is responsible for the launch and oversight of NextGen Journal, the only national news and views outlet by students, for students.

College Media Hall of Fame, Class of 2011: Michael Koretzky, Educator and Journo Terrorist At-Large

Michael Koretzky is an inspiration, an admirable rabble-rouser, and an admitted journoterrorist. The Florida Atlantic University students who have worked with him at The University Press speak of him in reverential terms as a mix between Cronkite and Don King– trustworthy, with an intoxicating side of flash.

Harry Potter and the Special Issue: Tips for Launching a Themed Edition of Any Sort

In the most recent issue of College Media Review, I profile last year’s transformation of The Ball State Daily News at Ball State University into The Daily Prophet— in honor of all-things-Potter.