Dan Rant: The University of Oklahoma Blacklist & Student Press Censorship

A leading talent agency is declaring war on the student press and good journalism everywhere.

Student Newspaper’s Lawsuit Against Oregon State Moving Forward

A years-long newsbin and free press fight has reemerged at Oregon State University. It involves OSU administrators, a conservative campus newspaper, and what one side sees as censorship and the other as simple enforcement of school rules.

Kansan Football Reporter Warned About Asking Questions at Press Conference with Head Coach

University Daily Kansan sports writer Blake Schuster says athletics officials at the University of Kansas warned him in a private meeting about asking questions at the most recent press conference with head football coach Charlie Weis. The reason? Their concerns about “lingering ill-will among members of the football program.”

Stony Brook Student Magazine’s Funny Football Tweets Lead to Censorship Threat

Late last month, athletics officials at Stony Brook University threatened the press credentials of a student magazine in response to a staffer’s comedic live-tweeting of a football game. It is one of the stranger student press censorship cases I have come across.

Bryan College President Apologizes to Those ‘Upset or Offended’ by Student Press Censorship

In a public statement issued yesterday afternoon, the president of Bryan College confirms his spiking of a student journalist’s story late last week “may have been a mistake.” Livesay’s explanatory statement, posted on JimRomenesko.com, offers an apology of sorts– not for the censorious action itself but to those who may have been “upset or offended” by it. It also provides a refreshingly candid, if off-base, account of the school’s rationale for the decision.

College President Kills Story About Prof. Charged with Child Sex Crimes, So Student Editor Self-Publishes It

The editor-in-chief of The Bryan College Triangle at Tennessee’s Bryan College self-published a controversial story yesterday about a former professor charged with sex crimes involving a minor. Alex Green wrote, printed, and distributed the article on his own four days after Bryan’s president told him it could not be run in the paper.

East Carolina Journalism Faculty, FIRE, SPLC Rally Around Ousted Student Media Director

The sudden termination of East Carolina University student media director Paul Isom has been met with seemingly universal disapproval from the journalism community and advocates involved in First Amendment organizations. As I have previously posted, Isom’s unexplained firing last week has prompted speculation that it was related to the The East Carolinian‘s infamous ‘streaker’ photo published in November on its front page.

East Carolina Student Media Director Fired 2 Months After ‘Streaker’ Photo Published

East Carolina University officials have fired Paul Isom, ECU’s student media director, without warning or much explanation. The sudden termination has prompted speculation among the college media community that it was related to the The East Carolinian’s infamous ‘streaker’ photo published in November on its front page.

Censorship, Curse Words, and a Dodgeball Championship: Student Press Trouble at Pacific Lutheran University

Late last week, administrators at Washington’s Pacific Lutheran University briefly shut down the website of The Mooring Mast student newspaper due to an intramural dodgeball story containing some curse words.

Hawaii Pacific Student Newspaper a Beacon for Censorship?

Kalamalama means bright light, a beacon of light in the darkness, and the torch. It is also the name of the student newspaper at Hawaii Pacific University that is currently under review amid criticisms that it is not “as student run as it should be.” — As a Honolulu Advertiser report quoted an HPU student […]

Media Adviser’s Removal at Morgan State Criticized as Censorship

According to a College Media Advisers investigation, the firing of the student media adviser at Morgan State University appears to be linked to editorials and stories published in the campus newspaper this past spring that criticized the Morgan State administration. — In an excellent investigation into the incident on behalf of CMA, Chris Evans, media […]

Student Newspaper at Oregon State Claims Limited Campus Distribution is Censorship

The Liberty, an independent student newspaper at Oregon State University, has plastered the word CENSORSHIP on the front page of its current issue.  The reason behind the latest use of the big C within collegemediatopia is interesting: Liberty editors are not complaining that their content is being curtailed, but their right to distribute it. — […]

Student Newspaper Adviser’s Tenure Denied: Response to Unfavorable Coverage?

If the related reports have any merit, the Board of Trustees at Clark College in Washington state should be ashamed with itself.  According to The Chronicle of Higher Education (and others), the board has engaged in the one of the worst kinds of indirect student press censorship: denying tenure to a professor who leads the […]

Chicago St. Censorship: School Says No to Current Tempo

This just in: The censorship saga at Chicago State University continues, in part thanks to student staffers who won’t back down and school administrators who need to grow up. —- There has been a battle brewing for some time now amid allegations of editorial and financial censorship against The Tempo student newspaper.  The latest, according […]

Admissions Office to Newspaper: You’ve Been Rejected

September 9: The University Of Dayton has stopped displaying The Flyer News student newspaper in its admissions office out of fears that bad news like a recent front-page story about a campus shooting might turn off prospective students or their parents.   In an impassioned editorial, titled “Stop the Presses,” The Flyer News EIC writes, “In our […]