Exclusive: UWIRE Set to Relaunch After Six-Month Hiatus

UWIRE is back. The predominant, temporarily dormant student press content sharing service will once again be live online- most likely later this week or early next week.  According to Tom Orr, UWIRE overseer and general manager of partner site Palestra.net, it is a soft launch focused on steadily reestablishing UWIRE as the main pipeline for college […]

Mashable: Onward State at PSU a “Sociological Petri Dish”

Onward State‘s legend grows.  A new Mashable post about the Penn State University online outlet describes it as nothing less than a “rogue campus blog” and a “sociological Petri dish”- one that is at the center of an epic “old/new media rivalry.”  The new write-up follows a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report that anointed […]

Students Still Want to be Journalists: “It is Who We Are”

Last week, I came across an interesting piece in the Chicago Sun-Times from DePaul University journalism professor Laura Washington.  Her main premise is the same-old this just in . . . students don’t read newsprint statement of generational disbelief but the sentiments she gathers from students are very telling. — She asked one of her […]

College Media Story Ideas: Vampires, Zombies & Sex

Forget Soundsliding, podcasting, vlogging, geotagging, and a-Twitterin’. New media tools are important, but without kick-ass content Journalism 2.0 is still deader than Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acting career (seriously, what happened to him?). Everything journalism was, is and will be rests on our ability to tell a story. And every story starts with idea. ————- Below […]

“Little Campus, Big Election”

Election Day.  How much of an impact has the college press actually had on (potential) student voters?   The Michigan Review collected thoughts from a few student journalists and individuals who love them.  Three highlights:   Ben French, general manager of U-Wire: “College newspapers serve as a major news source for students . . . […]

Anti-Jihad Ad Causes Stir at UC-SB

An advertisement linking Muslims with terrorism has caused a mini-brouhaha at UC-Santa Barbara.  The Daily Nexus, the school’s student newspaper, ran the ad (from The David Horowitz Freedom Center) on page three of yesterday’s print edition, citing free speech and editorial-advertising separation.  The paper also ran a story ABOUT the ad (talk about free advertising!), explaining […]

Con•ver•gence: Defining a (Not So) New (Media) Buzzword

It’s official: The Shield, The Edge, and Access USI are coming together.  All it took was a new media revolution.  The student newspaper (Shield), the student-run radio station (Edge), and the student TV station (Access) at the University of Southern Indiana are converging on-the-go this semester, presenting a pair of new multiplatform projects while figuring out what works […]

Student Media Censorship Disguised as Policy and Smart PR

The Advocate student newspaper at Mount Hood Community College is questioning the school’s new “all-college media policy.”   The basics of the policy, which boasts strong similarities to those in place (formally and informally) at schools worldwide: Student media must contact a single gateway college office or official (normally in PR or media relations) to set-up interviews with […]