As Student Newspaper Archives Grow Online, Some Alums Worry About Their Google Prints

The evermore expansive set of student press archives being placed online continues to concern those who wish their undergrad misdeeds or heated words would stay in the past, not in their Google prints. — As a new USA Today College piece by Ohio University journalism student Stephanie Stark confirms, “[C]ollege newspapers are uploading old print […]

Student Press Differs from Professional Press: Reason #1,333,668

Our chief copy editor quit yesterday. It was a decision that had nothing to do with the campus newspaper. As a student burdened recently with financial strains, she simply cannot afford to return to the university in the fall.

Dan’s Journey to Iraq: A Student Press Adventure, Part 1, “Sulimaniyah 90210”

Early last year, I began writing about The AUIS Voice, the first independent student newspaper in post-Saddam Iraq. Started by a scrappy band of Iraqi students and an impassioned ex-Washington Post reporter, the Voice’s spirit of innovation is ironically its adherence to the oldest principles of the craft: objectivity, editorial freedom, and the search for truth (rarities among Iraqi media).

Student Editor: Campus Paper Newsroom “Like an Antarctic Research Base”

The outgoing operations manager of The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia has penned an excellent goodbye editorial worth a glimpse, if nothing else, for its opening comparison.  In a piece headlined simply “Tundra-tested,” Wm. Hunter Tammaro writes: — The Cavalier Daily office is a lot like an Antarctic research base.  No, really. Although […]

Eternal Ethical Question: A Student (Journalist’s) Identity

One of the oldest student journalism ethical tightropes unfurled with a bit of a new media twist recently at Cornell University. As Cornell Daily Sun public editor Rob Tricchinelli explained in his excellent write-up on the situation: — Mike Wacker ’10 is a Sun columnist whose ‘Wack Attack’ column appears alternate Wednesdays. Wacker recently arranged […]

Racial Slur Leads to Student Media Funding Freeze at UCSD

A “racial state of emergency” has been declared and funding for all school-supported student media has been frozen at the University of California, San Diego in the immediate aftermath of a racist campus event coupled with a televised racist slur. — Late last week, the editor of the Koala, a controversial UCSD student humor newspaper […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Georgia Perry, Indiana U.

Update: For those interested in checking out The Robin, Perry reports: “People can read some stories online at  Or if they want print copies they can inquire about that through and we’ll send them over and just ask for a donation of whatever they want to give.” ———- Georgia Perry is making a […]

Washington Post Editor Starting in Fall at Arizona State

Talk about intimidating office hours! The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University is adding another celebrity faculty member: Len Downie Jr., the famed, recently-retired top editor of The Washington Post who succeeded Ben Bradlee. —————- At Cronkite, Downie will be joining former CNN anchor Aaron Brown, former San Jose […]

Timeline Traces First 100 Years of Missouri’s School of Journalism

A new, interesting, Webtastic timeline traces the first 100 years of the country’s first School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. The timeline touches upon the technological growth of the school, its related publications, and the place of both amid the backdrop of various eras and the big scoops and scandals that defined them […]

College Media Story Ideas: Vampires, Zombies & Sex

Forget Soundsliding, podcasting, vlogging, geotagging, and a-Twitterin’. New media tools are important, but without kick-ass content Journalism 2.0 is still deader than Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acting career (seriously, what happened to him?). Everything journalism was, is and will be rests on our ability to tell a story. And every story starts with idea. ————- Below […]

That’s *So* Random Story Award: The Colorado Daily

I’ve honestly never heard of it but apparently, as The Colorado Daily reported recently, “[i]t’s not an uncommon sight on the University of Colorado campus: barefoot students, balanced a few feet off the ground, carefully putting one foot in front of the other as they cross flat ropes tied between two trees.”     It’s a […]

Online Push for Campus Papers in the Philippines

The question asked in the headline of a recent Philippine Daily Inquirer piece: “Should campus papers go online?”   Student newspapers abound in the country, in part thanks to the government’s efforts at building up college journalism’s infrastructure that began with the adoption of the “Campus Journalism Act of 1991.”  The current national goal: a […]

Anti-Jihad Ad Causes Stir at UC-SB

An advertisement linking Muslims with terrorism has caused a mini-brouhaha at UC-Santa Barbara.  The Daily Nexus, the school’s student newspaper, ran the ad (from The David Horowitz Freedom Center) on page three of yesterday’s print edition, citing free speech and editorial-advertising separation.  The paper also ran a story ABOUT the ad (talk about free advertising!), explaining […]

Con•ver•gence: Defining a (Not So) New (Media) Buzzword

It’s official: The Shield, The Edge, and Access USI are coming together.  All it took was a new media revolution.  The student newspaper (Shield), the student-run radio station (Edge), and the student TV station (Access) at the University of Southern Indiana are converging on-the-go this semester, presenting a pair of new multiplatform projects while figuring out what works […]

Student Media Censorship Disguised as Policy and Smart PR

The Advocate student newspaper at Mount Hood Community College is questioning the school’s new “all-college media policy.”   The basics of the policy, which boasts strong similarities to those in place (formally and informally) at schools worldwide: Student media must contact a single gateway college office or official (normally in PR or media relations) to set-up interviews with […]