This Thanksgiving, Celebrate 1,000 College Problems

Madeline Huerta recently celebrated her 1,000th college problem.  As I’ve previously posted, the Boston University student is the creator and overseer of College Problems, an uber-successful Tumblr site that offers undergraduates a spot to vent about everything related to higher ed. that irks or annoys them. — The user-submitted entries typically run only a sentence or […]

Boston College Student Columnist Offers Kanye, Bieber, Kristen Stewart & Other Celebs ‘Unsolicited Advice’

“The Unsolicited Celebrity Advice Column” is a weekly summer blog series published by The Gavel, a progressive student newsmagazine at Boston College. Jenna LaConte, Gavel‘s culture editor and a junior English and communication double major at BC, has a four-fold aim with the half-serious, half-satiric feature.

Jim Romenesko’s ‘Retirement Blog’ is Journalism’s Newest Destination Site

Jim Romenesko is having a good time. Lately, the “journalism evangelist,” “KING of the blogosphere,” and “go-to source for news about the news” has been waking up earlier, posting more often, and featuring content he had not felt free to publish for more than a decade. In the wake of his abrupt departure from The Poynter Institute late last year, he established an eponymous independent site that has quickly been embraced by media professionals, educators, students, and even a few Facebook spammers worldwide.

College Media Hall of Fame: David Teeghman, Founder, J-School Buzz, University of Missouri (@JSchoolBuzz)

J-School Buzz, an independent student blog focused with unblinking intensity on the University of Missouri School of Journalism, awes me. At the moment, it is the only hyperlocal student blog within collegemediatopia of any significance. It continues to break interesting stories and trigger debates of consequence in Columbia, Mo., and beyond. And it is staffed by students within the Mizzou J-School who are unafraid to doggedly and at times critically report on their own program, possibly angering those who give them grades, might recommend them for internships, and consider them from scholarships.

10 Early Observations About, Journalism’s Newest Destination Site (@romenesko)

In the wake of his expedited departure from Poynter, Jim Romenesko has established an eponymous independent site that has been passionately embraced by many in the journalism community. Even with his longtime A-list name recognition, the rapidity of the site’s rise in popularity and influence is startling.

Awake at 1:11 a.m.? Read The Columbia Daily Spectator

The One Eleven, part of The Columbia Daily Spectator’s “Spectrum” blog network, is built atop students’ penchants for being awake at all hours and forever web browsing to avoid schoolwork. Each morning, at exactly 1:11 a.m., overseer Stephen Snowder provides a recap of the world in quick bits, sometimes serious and sometimes wacky. It appears to exist as the sarcastic younger brother of College Daybreak, a daily email breaking down world events in similarly easy-to-digest chunks.

Dan at AEJMC Conference: Come See Me in St. Louis

Like many journalism educators, I’m heading this week to St. Louis for the annual Association of Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC) convention. I’m presenting twice, including at the gathering’s sole college media session.

Mashable: Onward State at PSU a “Sociological Petri Dish”

Onward State‘s legend grows.  A new Mashable post about the Penn State University online outlet describes it as nothing less than a “rogue campus blog” and a “sociological Petri dish”- one that is at the center of an epic “old/new media rivalry.”  The new write-up follows a recent Chronicle of Higher Education report that anointed […]

Student Blogs “Determined to Reinvent College Journalism”

The still relatively new batch of online student outlets with new media sense and underground sensibilities have been dubbed nothing less than full-blown “blogging fraternities.”  A new Chronicle of Higher Education feature declares that the “national wave of student-run Web outfits [are] determined to reinvent college journalism. . . . Readers devour these sites. College officials […]

In the Spotlight: College Fashion Founder Zephyr Basine

Zephyr Basine is a candy fiend who considers vanilla cupcakes (with extra frosting) manna from heaven and Sour Patch Kids fit to rule the world. She is also “a fan of fearless style” whose name has become synonymous with College Fashion. — Basine started CF as a personal blog while an undergrad at UMASS Amherst, […]

Schools Fight Back!: James Madison Charges Student Journalists, Butler Sues Student Blogger

At James Madison University, it started with a peeping tom– an alleged creep watching girls in dorm showers. It’s now ending with administrative idiocy. A student reporter with The Breeze, JMU’s campus newspaper, went to a JMU dorm recently to speak with students about a reported shower stalker. An RA became nervous and asked the […]

Student Newspaper Has Scoop on Chicago Racism Incident

The Student Life at Washington University in St. Louis is using its student connections and new media savviness to cover the Chicago bar racism incident in-depth and from numerous angles. They have posted the insta-famous Rejected, Admitted photos and had their opening story on the alleged blow to Civil Rights picked up by HuffPo and […]

Campus Newspaper Blog Shares Student’s Swine Flu Battle

I’ve seen blogs in my life- great blogs; middling blogs; blogs of towering mass appeal; blogs that make the phrase inconsequential irrelevance not sound redundant; blogs about exotic food, a person’s mood, a church bingo group, President Obama, Hello Kitty, and being a working mother. I have never come across a blog like this. — […]

25 Random Things About Modern College Media: Part 3

My contribution to the now way-too-popular “Random” list phenomenon continues below with Part 3 of “25 Random Things About Modern College Media.”  (Also see Part 1 and Part 2.)  As promised, today’s segment is all about the tough love, presenting some of the harsher truths about 21st-century collegemediatopia.  First up… — 11) Student media online […]

“Student Media Voter Fraud?”

May the best campus blog win!  Or . . . not.  “Paper Trail” guru Allison Go is alleging that the fix is in with voting in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Alternative Media Outlet” contest. ——– —— She calls out a pair of blogs, one at Middlebury College and one covering a single […]