Student Journalists at American University Speak for First Time About Breast-Feeding Story Controversy

The most controversial student press story of 2012 went viral before it was even written. Late last month, staffers at The Eagle at American University gave their first interview about the story and the sudden super-storm that formed around them while they were working on it. Their reflections offer a fresh, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the multi-headed Minotaur that is the modern media scandal. The scandals are born online, spread in real-time, pounced on by the press, spit on in status updates, and often built around loud voices, larger agendas, and first impressions, facts or full stories be damned. They are also increasingly ensnaring the campus press, almost always attached to an embedded anti-student sentiment along the lines of, “What have the kids done now?”

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College Media Podcast #5: USA TODAY Redesign & the American University Breastfeeding Controversy

In our most recent episode, recorded Friday afternoon, we started with a breakdown of the high-profile USA TODAY redesign (including its new balls) and segued to a discussion about a similarly buzzworthy flap at American University involving classroom breastfeeding and some quality student newspaper reporting.

American University Professor Attacks Student Paper for Asking About Her Mid-Class Breastfeeding

American University professor Adrienne Pine is nastily attacking The Eagle campus newspaper for its efforts to report upon a recent class session in which Pine breastfed her baby in front of students while lecturing. Bottom line: Forget the breastfeeding. Pine’s angry screed is now the story. The off-base, highly-personal, downright mean attack on competent student journalists is beneath an individual in her position. It displays a severe lack of understanding about basic journalism tenets and the journalistic process. And it also shows the danger of jumping the gun.

Student Newspaper Column on Rape Spurs Apology, Debate

One of the most high-profile controversies in collegemediatopia so far this semester is currently playing out at American University. The 30-second recap of the past six days: Controversial column touching on rape published in campus newspaper.  Outraged students and online readers.  Strong words of protest and even some newspaper trashing.  Media coverage.  Statements issued by the […]