Ivy League Student Newspapers Hurting Financially– Due to Loss of Financial Job Ads

According to The Daily Princetonian, the advertising revenue of student newspapers at Ivy League schools are ailing due to a noticeable drop in recruiting ads being placed by major financial institutions. As several Ivy-covered sources tell Prince staff writer Sarah Cen, the decline in these ads is mainly tied to the Wall Street troubles that erupted starting in 2008. The article’s keyword tags sum it up most succinctly: Investment Banking, Recession.

Breaking News: Badger Herald at UW-Madison Ending Friday Print Edition; Interview with Editor-in-Chief

The Badger Herald, one of two independent student newspapers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will be ending its Friday print edition. In a phone chat this afternoon, editor-in-chief Ryan Rainey cited “a noticeable change in the way advertisers are behaving” and an interest in focusing on digital innovation as two core reasons behind the change. It will be announced to readers on Monday in an editor’s column by Rainey.

Novelist Says University of Arkansas Student Newspaper Rejected Ad for Her ‘Big Chicken’ Book

Did The Arkansas Traveler really turn down an advertisement due to its poultry perspective? According to author Sijin Belle, the University of Arkansas student newspaper “declined to run a pre-paid display ad for my novel, a satire set in a poultry plant.”

Advantages, Disadvantages to Student Media Digital Experimentation: My Response to Steve Buttry Report

Student journalists need to start experimenting with digital storytelling more often, more comprehensively, and more boldly, according to Steve Buttry. In a new post for Nieman Journalism Lab, the news innovation guru (whose perspectives I’m really starting to enjoy) contends that “student media have advantages that professional media don’t in experimenting in their pursuit of digital-first prosperity.” Below is Buttry’s complete list of cited advantages, along with my instant analysis of their validity– including the realities and disadvantages that need to be recognized.

Collegiate Times Editor at Virginia Tech: Paper Does Not Support Anti-Muslim Advertisement

The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech reached out to readers last night, explaining the paper does not support the content of a controversial advertisement published in its current summer print edition. The so-called FLAME ad, created and distributed by the non-profit organization Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME), is a wordy treatise pushing what many agree is an anti-Muslim agenda. In an online letter, CT editor-in-chief Michelle Sutherland confirmed that while staffers don’t agree with the ad’s “underlying message of cultural hatred,” the paper needs the money.

Student Press Differs from Professional Press: Reason #1,333,668

Our chief copy editor quit yesterday. It was a decision that had nothing to do with the campus newspaper. As a student burdened recently with financial strains, she simply cannot afford to return to the university in the fall.

Alcohol Ads Not Allowed in Campus Newspapers in Virginia

Happy hour is not allowed yet for college newspapers in Virginia- at least within their advertising.  One of the strangest student press restrictions has been upheld by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. — The majority ruling confirms the validity of a law severely restricting the rights of student newspapers at Virginia colleges and […]