How one student media outlet covered an international story on its own campus

When the staff of The Battalion received a request for advertising for a talk by a white nationalist, they started covering one of the biggest stories to hit their campus. And started fielding calls from the national, professional press.

Student Newspaper Headline Involving Gamecocks: Playful or Sexually Offensive?

A front-page headline in The Patriot at Francis Marion University celebrating the FMU baseball team’s upset win over the South Carolina Gamecocks recently earned the attention of the wider web. The full header… “Patriots Beat Cocks: Team christens new stadium with win over Division I champions.”  What do you think– innocently exuberant or knowingly sexual?

Amid College Newspaper Carnage, Why I’m Still in Favor of April Fools’ Editions

In recent years, the fallouts from student press April Fools’ editions have ratcheted up– or maybe it just seems that way due to social media.  Regardless, I strongly believe in the usefulness and power of these special issues.  When done right, they can start much-needed conversations, trigger university-wide belly-laughs, and memorably point out all manner […]

College News Mobs: 10 Tips for Staging a Successful Student Journalist Swarm

The Orange County Register’s planned “news mob” coverage of this evening’s opening day Major League Baseball game between the Angels and Royals is earning quite a bit of buzz, including a pair of write-ups from Jim Romenesko. Building on heavy advance coverage, more than 100 Register staffers (including roughly 70 reporters) “will descend on Angels Stadium” later today, providing a nonstop torrent of stories that makes the standard definition of comprehensive seem obsolete.

10 Tips for Journalism Students: Creating Great Video Profiles (@KaiminNews @BradyMoore)

I recently came across a fascinating video journalism series produced by The Montana Kaimin at the University of Montana worth emulating or using as inspiration: “1 in 15,000,” a regular video profile of individual students at UM. Two excellent “1 in 15,000” examples are below, both put together by Kaimin staffer Brady Moore.

10 Tips for Photojournalism Students: How to Succeed Visually and Financially

The advice comes from famed Miami Herald photojournalist Al Diaz.

10 Tips for Journalism Students: How to Land a Job and Impress People

At this past weekend’s SPJ Region 3 Conference, Meredith Cochie delivered a hyperactive Broadway-esque performance– interrupted only by the occasional “coffee burp” (her words). In a manic 50-minute session that brought a blah-carpeted University of Florida auditorium to life, Cochie shared a bevy of tips aimed at helping j-students stand out from the job-seeking masses and land a gig worth bragging about on Facebook.

Should Voting Totals from SGA Elections Be Public?

The Student Government Association at Butler University is refusing to release the full results from a recent SGA election, placing the organization at odds with the school’s campus newspaper and students favoring transparency. The fight raises an interesting question: How open should student governments be when releasing the results of its own elections?

How to Launch a Crazy Cool Student Newspaper Website Using WordPress (@BUPipeDream)

In my memory, I picture green. Dark green. A quick check on confirmed it. Until recently, the website for The Pipe Dream, the student newspaper at Binghamton University, was overrun with a green palate that hovered somewhere between grass and puke. Cue Daniel O’Connor.

Blogger Criticizes Daily Iowan; Daily Iowan Hires Him

You have to love an editor who recognizes talent even when it’s spitting in his face. Last week, Adam B. Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Iowan at the University of Iowa, came across a local blog featuring an entire post and photo slideshow devoted simply to spotlighting the paper’s recent typos.

Top San Fran Student Papers, The Golden Gate Xpress & The Guardsman, Join Forces to Cover Statewide Protest

Spurred by a protest, a pair of top-notch student newspapers in the city by the bay are collaborating. Beginning this morning, The Golden Gate Xpress at San Francisco State University and The Guardsman at the City College of San Francisco are joining forces to provide real-time, multi-platform coverage of the March in March, an organized statewide higher education budget cuts protest.

In Reporting Class, DePauw Professor’s Use of a Student’s Public Records Spurs Debate & an Investigation (#acpsea)

It has quickly become the most hotly-debated journalism lesson so far in 2012. Late last month in an advanced reporting class, a DePauw University visiting journalism professor passed out a student-athlete’s public records– including her social media profiles and documents related to a recent arrest– for a session on accessing documents. It has spurred complaints from some of his own students and a subsequent ongoing imbroglio with DePauw administrators.

Western Kentucky University Monitoring, Attempting to Silence Some Student Social Media Chatter (#WKU)

A rash of recent news coverage and editorial comment in The College Heights Herald, Western Kentucky University’s student newspaper, alleges a somewhat creepy campaign of administrative social media oversight and intimidation. WKU has apparently been monitoring student tweets and Facebook status updates, even attempting to “shut down several Twitter parody accounts and is sending students to Judicial Affairs for tweets they consider negative against WKU.”

Student Online Portfolio Spotlight: Signe Brewster, Editor-in-Chief, The Badger Herald (#UWMadison)

In this occasional CMM feature, I spotlight some of the interesting, innovative, and professional student journalist online portfolios, in hopes of inspiring more j-students to create worthwhile portfolios of their own.

The ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Fallout: 7 Lessons from the Student Newspaper Slip

In a recent late-night newsroom slip that has now been widely reported and mocked, The Suffolk Journal accidentally printed a sub-headline they undoubtedly immensely regret. In a story about a campus involvement fair, the Suffolk University student newspaper’s main headline simply dubs the event a success (with an explanation point). The sub-hed, however, states: “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign up!” Yikes.